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A lifelong student of personal development, Cheri Valentine’s greatest joy in life comes from helping others discover their own true inspiration and happiness. She believes everyone deserves to live life passionately, to love and be loved unconditionally, and to forge happy and healthy relationships not only with others but within their own hearts. It is Cheri’s mission to assist her clients in finding lasting joy and inner peace.

Once a high-powered career woman with a job in corporate finance, Cheri’s life and livelihood were tragically and forever altered by a devastating bout of Lyme disease complicated by fibromyalgia. The once vibrant and energetic single mother found herself facing an agonizing recovery that left her bedridden for months.

What may have been a disaster for some, Cheri calls the turning point in her life. She went from being a driven workaholic to discovering a renewed sense of strength and passion that has made her a more effective coach and mentor.

Her own struggle to regain her health led her to study alternative therapies, and to train with industry-leading institutions such as Fearless Living Institute, Healing Now, and Seven Levels Coaching. Today she is a Certified Level II EFT Practitioner, Strategic Attraction Coach, and Passion Test Facilitator.

Cheri’s energy and relationship coaching and 90 Days 2 Love™ program have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life discover happiness and abundance in their own lives. Her compassion and honest desire to see every client succeed shine through in everything she does; and her strong, supportive nature empowers her clients to reach further and accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible.

“We all have the answers within us, yet sometimes we need some guidance in discovering them. My role is to facilitate the process for you to define the life you want, challenge your beliefs, support you in moving forward, and congratulate you in your successes.”

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