Wisdom Through Your Chakras and EFT

What if you could combine the power of your thoughts with the wisdom of your body and the information in your energy system to experience total freedom from worry, limiting beliefs, feeling stuck or holding onto things that are blocking your success, sabotaging your relationships and interfering with your health?

If you would like to connect more deeply to your intuition, surrender from the burden of thinking you have to have all the answers, experience more peace, joy, love and success in your life, and unleash your full powerful potential, then read on.
I am very excited to introduce to you an 8 week virtual class where we will be addressing the physical, emotional and energetic issues that are keeping you from owning and stepping into your vibrant power.
Reveal your powerful, expressive self authentically and embrace the life you are here to live!

Wisdom Through Your Chakras and EFT

You have the answers within you. Your body holds the secrets to all that is keeping you from hearing what your heart is telling you. Sometimes we need to give our ego mind a break, so that our hearts and bodies can speak. We must learn to listen to the wisdom within so that we can connect to the love and joy of our authentic self to be all that we are capable of being, to love with open hearts and minds, and connect deeply to what is important to us.

Energy moves through the central nervous system. You have seven chakras, energy centers, that run from the base of chakrasthe spine through the top of your head. Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your physical bodies, related emotional issues, and represents specific archetypes. Eastern cultures have recognized for centuries the importance of balancing your chakras for optimal emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. How strongly this energy flows greatly affects you. When the energy is flowing freely you experience greater health, vitality, and harmony in your life and relationships. Illness, trauma, stress and negative thoughts can cause the chakras to be blocked or overloaded thus impacting how successfully, powerfully and authentically you show up in your own life. By exploring the wisdom that resides within your chakras, tapping on the imbalance or excessive sludge, and examining your beliefs, you will be free to create your life from an empowered and healthier state. You will be able to powerfully shift the thinking and the beliefs that have been contributing to your stuck energy and lack of desired results.


EFT is a gentle tapping technique that disperses the negative energy in your body as a result of physical EFT TAPPING POINTSand emotional trauma and experiences. The tapping speaks to your unconscious mind freeing up space to allow what you wish to create to replace that energy more consciously. It enables you to release the toxins, beliefs, thoughts, habits, and patterns you have adopted throughout your lifetime, freeing your conscious mind to be in alignment with your unconscious mind. Then you can experience the results that you desire. We are powerful beings and can create anything we desire. The problem is that most of what we create is a result of our internal beliefs. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of the beliefs that are actually creating our experiences! With EFT, you can change that! So often, I discover for myself and with my clients that we have a conscious belief or desire that is not matching up with our results. Have you noticed this in your life?

  • You say you want to be in a loving relationship but the reality is that you are single and cannot meet your soul mate, OR you are in a relationship that is unsatisfying.
  • You wish your family life was more harmonious, yet you are constantly overwhelmed, over reacting, frazzled and arguing with your mate and your kids, and the kids seems to rule the roost, not you.
  • You think that you want to be healthy, yet you find yourself sick all the time, or have low energy, or are challenged by constant aches and pains. Maybe you find yourself having little accidents all the time.
  • You believe that you can be successful in your career, yet you are being passed over again and again for that promotion you think you deserve, or no matter how hard you work, there are never enough clients for your practice.
  • You want to live in abundance, yet you are constantly spending more than you make, or there is never enough for what you need, or you are constantly worrying about how you will pay next month’s mortgage.

By clearing the unconscious beliefs that are actually creating our experiences, you can replace them with what you consciously want to believe and create. Your conscious mind will be in alignment with your unconscious mind and you can experience the results that you say that you want.

I participated in this program because I knew there were patterns I was stuck in and I was seeking some support in shifting them. As a result of participating in this program I gained exactly what I wanted – patterns were broken up and shifting began. I enjoyed the process of focusing on 1 chakra and then working on healing in those specific areas. As a result, I am more centered and even more clear about what are my issues vs. the issues of those I’ve cared for. I have been recommending this program! Dr. Angela Lambert Portsmouth, NH www.NaturalMedicineNH.org

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-chakras-image10904785Our lower chakras hold the key to our fear, insecurity, unexpressed emotions and lack of personal power tied to our physical reality. They are also where programming from our childhood is stored. Often we are unaware of the memories, issues, and perceptions that are unconsciously locked away in our chakras and their corresponding body parts. There is so much information to aid you in making choices with clarity and freedom from conditioning when you tap into the wisdom of your body. Many people who are aspiring to heighten their spiritual side will focus their attention on their brow and crown chakras, ignoring the others. They seem to be in the clouds or lacking a connection to the physical world. In order to be balanced and truly connected to your higher realm, it is equally important to be grounded and balanced in your lower chakras. Remember the energy flows up, so blocked energy from below only allows so much energy above.

Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing,says There isn’t a drug, exercise regime or vitamin that comes anywhere near the potential of our beliefs to add seven and a half years to our lives! And that’s why examining our beliefs critically is crucial to getting and staying healthy.”

Wisdom Through Your Chakras and EFT
In this class you will:

  • learn about each energy center and its connection to what is showing up in your life
  • examine the thoughts that are contributing to limitations or lack of results that you desire
  • recognize and correct energy imbalances in your energy centers
  • tap on the issues that will get the energy moving more freely through your body
  • connect more deeply to your intuition
  • experience more peace, joy, love and success in your life
  • Tap into your inner wisdom and experience freedom and joy


I participated in this program because I wanted to know more about chakras and how to balance them.

I gained more awareness of how to get things back in balance and clean out old feelings that were keeping me from moving forward.

I enjoyed the tapping sessions the most and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to move beyond what’s holding them back.

SA Baltimore, MD

For 8 weeks, you will be exposed to the wisdom that is waiting for you so that you can step into your vibrant, powerful self unlocking all that is holding you back from success in love, life, play, and work.

chakra and light

Here’s what we will be covering: All seven chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, and Crown

    1. The physical body locations to which each chakra corresponds and the wisdom it offers
    2. The emotional issues related to each chakra
    3. Your habitual thinking and unconscious beliefs that correspond with each chakra
    4. The positive and negative aspects of the archetypal energies represented in each chakra
    5. The lessons your inner wisdom has for you
    6. Signs of balanced and unbalanced chakras
    7. Tapping to clear the energy and heal that part of you which needs to be acknowledged and released.
    8. Meditation and Affirmation to clear and balance each chakra



8 weekly lessons that include: 1. opening meditation 2. Questions for Reflection 3. Lesson on Chakra 4. Tapping Sequence for that chakra 5. Closing Meditation

MP3 recordings of all classes so you can listen at your own pace, and tap as often as you like

Easy downloads of Hand-outs, Tools, Videos, and Resources used for the program

Exclusive access to the “GARDEN OF LOVE” Member’s Area for easy access to all class content, details, recordings, and bonus videos

2 30 minute Personal Individualized Phone Tapping Sessions with Cheri to further support you (this is worth the cost of the program alone)

Unlocking the Seven Layers of Your Inner Wisdom

Week 1 Root Chakra – Survival, Trust, Safety and Family Loyalty

Week 2 – Sacral Chakra – Creativity, Sexuality, Relationships, Pleasure

Week 3 – Power Chakra – Confidence, Personal Power, Will, and Personality

Week 4 – Heart Chakra – Expression of True Partnership, Compassion, and Love

Week 5 – Throat Chakra – Sound, Self Expression, and Communication

Week 6 – Brow Chakra – Trusting Guidance From the Divine

Week 7 – Crown Chakra – Divine to Connection to Love and Wisdom

Week 8 – Tie It All Together and Bonus Tapping Rounds

Cheri, I am ready to connect to my intuition, listen to my body’s wisdom, step into my full power and experience more joy, love, success, and vitality in my life.

8 weekly audio lessons, insightful questions, tapping, and guided meditations for $197