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2014-04-02 tapping
Hi! I am Cheri Valentine and my own personal healing and growth in the physical, spiritual and emotional realm has been greatly enhanced by practicing EFT regularly. I have invested in working with several highly qualified and trained EFT coaches who have facilitated my own healing and growth. I have trained and continue to train as an EFT practitioner because I am so impressed by the quality of results that I receive personally and that my clients experience. I am not sure which awes me more – my own transformation and healing – or those of my clients. Yet, I am continually impressed with the results. I have been blessed to work with amazing EFT coaches and healers and through working with them, discovered my own gift in sharing EFT. I am passionate about helping as many people as possible to move from being stuck to living life with joy, laughter, and love!   Much love always, Cheri

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Pain and Suffering Is Optional ~ eliminate pain and suffering, tap into inner wisdom & embrace your power!

There are many ways that you suffer. Pain has many faces and is experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Suffering shows up in many areas in your life and often you are unaware of the degree it is affecting you.

Do you experience any of the following?

Acute and chronic pain * Illness * Disease * Fatigue and excessive tiredness * Frustration * Disappointment * Regret * Grief * Anger * Shame * Unhappiness * Erratic emotions * Anxiety * Panic attacks * Stress * Overwhelm * Difficulty with healthy boundaries * Lethargy and disinterest in your life * Conflict * Fibromyalgia * Lyme Disease * TMJ * Sinus issues * Injuries and surgery * Poor and unhealthy relationships * Not feeling loved and supported * Inability to lose weight no matter what you have tried * Unable to manifest your dreams or move forward in your life * Feelings of powerlessness* Being unheard, unseen, or unimportant

Did you know that many of our aches, illness, and dissatisfaction is a result of hidden emotions, beliefs, and perceptions that have been building up for years in your body and energy system. There is a technique that I have been using personally for years and have been using with my clients to help them achieve more joy and emotional well-being in their life. This technique has helped my clients to release limiting beliefs and perceptions, allowing them to see their life and experiences with new understanding. This technique is known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping.

Whether you are an experienced tapper or never heard of EFT,  join Cheri as she leads you through group tapping sequences to:

  • clear your energy
  • move you past blocks
  • let go of emotions and stress that are weighing you down with unhappiness, causing you pain or illness, or keeping you stuck from having what you want

What is so amazing in a group setting is that no matter what your stressors or circumstances are, you will receive huge, clearing, releasing benefits tapping as a group and being led by a seasoned facilitator and guide.

You can attend virtually, live or create a custom group experience.

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So often, we have a conscious belief or desire that is not matching up with our results. Have you noticed this in your life?

  • You want to be healthy, yet you are plagued by chronic pain or disease.
  • You want to feel more peace yet you are constantly teetering on stress and overwhelm.
  • You want to be financially stable, yet there never seems to be enough money.
  • You want love and respect in your relationships, yet you seem to be always fighting or at odds with your partner.
  • You want to spend more time with your children, friends or alone, yet there is never enough time.
  • You want to be in a loving relationship with your soul mate, yet you are still alone with no prospects in sight.
  • You can fill in your own…….

The solution is TAPPING. By clearing the unconscious beliefs that are actually creating your experiences, you can replace them with what you consciously want to believe and create. Your unconscious mind will be in alignment with your conscious mind and you can experience the results that you say that you want.

Tappy Hour™ is for all of you interested in living life authentically, exploring what is keeping you from moving forward with the life you wish to be living, the life that you create from your heart and clarity of mind.

EFT is very powerful for eliminating unconscious emotional distress and stress that gets in the way of your being happy, moving forward, and making choices that support you. You will find by eliminating the emotional memory, toxins and blockage that exists, you can experience physical health benefits, improved relationships, more joy in your life, easier fulfillment of goals, and so much more.

Cheri offers group Tappy Hour every week virtually AND live at Empowered Living Center ~ 24 Front St. Suite 401 ~ Exeter, NH 03833

Ready to tap into success, joy, health and love? It’s only $15.

  • You will create a life where you express your full power with love and authenticity
  • You will free yourself from the beliefs, patterns, habits and stress that are not serving your highest good
  • You will see your life with a new perspective full of potential and possibility
Join Cheri every week  virtually AND at Empowered Living Center ~ 24 Front St. Suite 401 ~ Exeter, NH 03833
$25 investment – results – priceless
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Custom Tappy Hour™ workshops can be arranged by calling 603.918.8265 or emailing cheri@CheriValentine.com

EFT TAPPING POINTSTapping on the endpoints of your meridian system while talking about what is bothering, upsetting, frustrating you is an easy, safe way to let go of the energy building up in your mind, body, and emotions. When you let go of steam in this manner, it neutralizes the charge that is feeding your stress. It allows you to voice what you are feeling in a safe and non-invasive manner while it also reinforces that you are choosing to be okay even though you are experiencing all this stress. Tapping on your own in moments of overwhelm, intense emotions, and heavy stress can make a big difference in the moment and in the future. Tapping with a professional who can hold space and guide you into deeper realms to release more of the underlying cause of the stress can be life changing. Whether your stress is related to every day life, your job, chronic pain, an illness, a relationship challenge, or lack of a love life doesn’t matter. What does matter is what the underlying emotions and energy of the situation(s) are doing to your mind, body and spirit. What matters is how this is affecting how you handle your life, relationships, and your choices. What matters is shifting into a more positive and expansive state to experience what We work both the conscious mind – that which you are aware AND the unconscious mind – that which you are not aware and yet this is where so much information lies that can help shift your energy, health, thinking and choices which reduces stress and the toll it takes on you.

Join Cheri weekly and discover for yourself the power of TAPPING!
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Emotional freedom is the bomb!!!!it really did work. My husband is speechless.

In our tapping I said I have issues with time, waking up early, sleeping, due to not being allowed to use an alarm clock? Well we tapped on that a few weeks ago. It was so powerful! … I’ve been working the 3-11 shift for 16 years because I was afraid to get up early, literally afraid. … On Tuesday I had an interview and got the job right then and there. It’s the most exciting job of my life…. The hours are 7-3 or 8-4. I have a one hour window if when I get there everyday. This takes a huge stress off of the whole fear of getting up early and fear of being late. Also, I’m not even scared because I know I’m exactly where I need to be. Thank you for your help in my journey. You are a blessing and this really is a miracle! You have no idea how this has affected my life for over 20 years. Wooooohoooo! Emotional freedom is the bomb!!!!

Cheri, it really did work. I’ve had three weeks at my new job and I’m waking up at 5am with joy. Not only am I able to do it, I’m doing it with ease and joy. Headed back in tomorrow morning and I’m not even a tad anxious. I’m blissful. Normally I would be throwing up at this point and completely unable to sleep a wink throughout the night. I’m absolutely amazed and just so totally grateful. My husband is speechless. ~ Becka Cail, NH


As a life coach, I know how important it is to have every area of life in alignment. Doing EFT with an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled coach has increased it’s effectiveness for me. I chose Cheri Valentine to be my coach in this because she gets such great results from it with her clients. I haven’t been disappointed. After only a couple sessions I could feel the difference and shift in both my body and my mental attitude. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, and disappointment can be toxic to our health. Cheri has helped me feel lighter in body and positive in spirit. Working with her is helping me live life more joyfully and with less stress. If you are looking for a professional who both cares, is fun to work with,and knows what she is doing, consider hiring Cheri.

~Beth Earle, Life and Business Coach, Victor, CO


I sincerely hope you will join me on this journey of transformation, empowerment, and healing!
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