Qualities of Creative and Successful Leaders

Some people are natural born leaders. From their first steps, they have a confidence that attracts others to follow them. For others, it is not so apparent, yet it can be learned.  However, before you can lead others, you must first lead yourself. Leadership is internal.  Anything that we create in our business or life first begins within our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Success comes from the way you act. The way you act comes from the way you think and feel. Therefore, to become more successful, you must first change something within yourself. ~  Ritu Ghatourey

Like attracts like and we do teach people how to treat us.  How we treat ourselves is reflective of our internal belief about what we deserve. If you are not able to embrace self love, treat yourself with respect, kindness, and compassion you cannot extend that out to others.  You will treat others with the same disregard with which you treat yourself., and receive it back.  However, if you see you worth and value people will know by your actions and words.  You will also draw people into your circles, whether personal or business who match the vibrational quality of your inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

When you look in the mirrrobb-braun-quote5or, what do you see? How do you feel? Are you inspired by who looks back at you? Are you excited by your life, choices, actions and results? Do you greet the face in the mirror with a smile, a high five, and gratitude?

Do you see a person looking back at you who is confident, creative, open minded, intuitive, committed, inspired, has a positive attitude and integrity?

Based on an article for Forbes by Tanya Prive  these are the top qualities that make a great leader.

Let's look at each one.

Confident.  When you are confident, you instill confidence in others.  It's an intrinsic feeling that is fed from experience, and more importantly an unshakeable faith in yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  If you are not completely confident yet, you can choose to be. Remind yourself of who you are and what you are made of. Know in your every fiber of your being that you trust yourself and also trust that the universe supports your intentions.

Open Minded.  If you are stuck in believing there is only certain ways of doing things, or solving problems, you can hurt your overall venture.  Solutions,  ideas and opportunities may come from unexpected sources. Listen to feedback, communicate openly with your team members, and be willing to listen to other points of views.  Check in to see if you are open minded in your own life, and if not, set the intention to shift to a more open and expansive state.

Intuitive.  Like creativity, it comes from within and being open to receive guidance from a higher source.  It's trusting your gut or those whispers of truths.  You can learn how your intuition speaks to you.  Everyone is intuitive, however not everyone cultivates their intuition. This is a very internal practice that can reap greater rewards than if you are always in your head.

Commited.  Commitment is an internal decision.  When you are aligned to your passion, your mission, your truth, and when you are connected to the why of your intentions and goals, the power of commitment is exponential.  If you are not committed, others can see and feel it and will match it.  If you want commitment teams, employees, partners, be committed yourself.

Inspired.  You know how great it is to be around someone who inspires you. You are probably who you are today because someone inspired something great in you.  Well, be that person yourself.  If you look in the mirror and don't like who you see, and are uninspired by your own thoughts and actions, you won't be able to create the excitement and buzz from your work-force, team members, customers and partners.  If you want inspired people around you, inspire them.

Positive Attitude.  You can choose to see the glass half full or half empty.  It's up to you.  Remember how you see it, is how it will be.  Stress is reduced when you think positively.  Creativity, inspiration  and confidence are all fueled by positive attitudes.  The overall feeling of your environment is improved and lighter when your attitude is positive and hopeful.  Morale is greater and so is productivity when the attitude from the top down is positive.  You can always choose what attitude and perspective you will have.  It's a conscious choose from within.

Integrity.  There is no way that you can treat other with honesty if you are not honest with yourself.  Being in integrity with your values, feelings, and choices will instill trust in others.   If you want the support of others, then lead by example and be someone who walks their talk.  There is such thing as karma, so treat yourself and others how you wish to be treated. Make decisions that support your values.

I have found that by beginning each day with a brief ritual of grounding, expressing gratitude and setting intentions that these qualities of leadership blossom within your heart, mind, spirit and body. If you’d like free meditations to support you in creating your own practice, click here to get started right away.

Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention. ~ Deepak Chopra

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  2. Great Article Cheri! Here I would like to add some more qualities of a leader: Courageous Leadership: Teams expect their leaders to follow a courageous path and be bold enough to point the correct and incorrect practices. Personal Attention: The best leaders are those who pay personal attention to their team. Top leaders are those who give their members ownership. Best leaders always keep one question in focus: “How am I supposed to bring out the best in my people?”

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