chakras You have seven  chakras, energy centers, that run from the base of the spine through the top of your head.  Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your physical bodies,  related emotional issues, and represents specific archetypes. Eastern cultures have recognized for centuries the importance of balancing your chakras for optimal emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.  How strongly this energy flows greatly affects you. When the energy is flowing freely you experience greater health, vitality, and harmony in your life and relationships.  Illness, trauma, stress and negative thoughts can cause the chakras to be blocked or overloaded thus impacting how successfully, powerfully and authentically you show up in your own life.

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(And Chart Describing Your Chakras, locations, and representations) chakra - Instinctual Need for Survival

Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Seeker

Power Chakra – Power Driver

Heart Chakra – Searching for Love

Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth

Brow Chakra – Transcending Beyond Ego

Crown Chakra – Spiritual Awakening