The Collaborative Energy of Effective Leadership

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Why is leadership important? Someone has to lead the way, set the tone, provide the focus, have the vision, communicate the vision, and gather the right team to bring the vision, intentions, and goals to life and manifestation.

Leadership to me is collaborative.

Yet, I often thought of a leader as the one at the top who shone like a lonely star in the dark night sky.  I thought leaders existed in kingdoms or corporations. It was obvious who the leaders were and that wasn’t me. For some reason, I never saw myself as a leader and yet when I reflect on the many layers and experiences of my life, I’ve been leading since my first marriage, actually since high school and probably even before then.

We are all leaders in our own way. So let’s explore the different areas of leadership.

On the personal side, someone leads a household. Either one or both parents set the tone, the rules, and the expectations. They model how leadership is done for their children, yet not all are good or even great leaders. Some lead with tyranny or an iron fist, controlling and stifling creativity and thought leadership in their children.

However, the parents who grow effective and creative leaders run their homes with love and compassion providing safe and predictable boundaries. They communicate clear expectations, and allow their children the freedom to explore, create, make mistakes, evaluate and change course. They provide a strong foundation, rudder and support. Parents who ask open-ended questions and listen with patience and not criticism teach their children how to discover their own answers and greatness. These children then become successful leaders in their respective endeavors

Coaches and teaches are leaders. They are responsible for specific outcomes and their style of running their teams and classes very much affect the results that students have.

Managers and supervisors are leaders, whether in retail, small business or corporate America. Storeowners are leaders. Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are most definitely leaders and if they haven’t figured that out yet, it’s time to start!

The challenge is that not everyone sees their inner leader, nurtures it or takes responsibility for it. Leaders are not just the ones at the top. Everyone is a leader in some capacity.

So what kind of leader are you?

  • Do you find the balance between setting the course with a solid foundation and allowing the contribution from everyone involved?
  • Do you micromanage and control every aspect of what you are leading or do you encourage and allow everyone involved take responsibility and ownership for their contribution?
  • Do you trust that you’ve gathered a cohesive team who connects to a common vision and each separate contribution creates the collective whole?
  • Are you open to growth, change, expansion, and learning?
  • Do you instill resentment, apathy, and indifference by your attitude and actions as a leader or do you hold space for your vision and your team to grow and perform in a positive and supportive environment?

When I look at my own experiences, the places where I have excelled an contributed and produced my best is when led by someone who saw my potential, gave me space to run with my ideas and encouraged me to do so, who treated me with respect and expressed gratitude.

Whether teachers, employers, or colleagues I excelled and performed with dedication, creativity and commitment to those who led with the collaborative spirit of creative leadership.

So where in your life do you lead? You may feel you have to control every aspect of your business, project, team or family. This is not leadership. This is tyranny. It does not foster or encourage creative success. You may need to undo some outdated beliefs you incurred in your life from bad leadership whether from parents, teachers, coaches, or employers. Unconsciously you may be storing experiences, emotions, and memories that feed mistrust or control issues. You may expect that people will disappoint you, that you have to do it yourself for it to get done “right” and you believe there is only one right way. Would you benefit from support or guidance in learning how to lead more creatively?

In a prior post, I described qualities of creative and successful leaders. I also created a video to help unleash your hidden leader. My colleague, Robb Braun, a Success Strategist, wrote a great post on the responsibility of leadership. Kathy Garland, who inspires visionary leaders, described 3 qualities to strengthen the leader in you. Sharon Jenkins also posted this informative piece on emerging leadership.

If how you are leading is working for you, carry on If not, we should talk.

Unleash Your Hidden Leader

Unleash Your Inner LeaderEveryone has some capacity to lead. We are all leaders in some way to some people. In this blog post from the other day,  I describe some qualities that are found in successful leaders.

But the best leaders in my opinion, not only embrace the qualities of confidence, creativity, open mindedness, intuition, commitment inspiring, positive attitude and integrity. They find their own style. They may be inspired and learn from other leaders, but in the end they allow their own unique style to emerge. They build teams and attract people who resonate with their energy, mission, passion and purpose.

I have coached several clients into discovering their style of leadership by helping them identify their passion, intention, and their big WHY. They developed clarity about the qualities, attributes, and characteristics of their ideal team. They begin with a clear vision and intention. When they connect to their inner fuel, it turns up the heat of their leadership qualities. They begin to lead with their unique energy, style and flair.

Everything begins from within. If your confidence is blocked, or your creativity hidden, or you are not tuned into your intuition, you are sabotaging your efforts for success. If you stay stuck in thinking things need to be a certain way and are not open minded, plagued by negativity, or not completely honest with yourself and others, you are not fueling your collective vision for success. If something is stopping you from being 100% committed, you will not create a committed team and once again your success is compromised.

Often, what is blocking you or keeping parts of you hidden, is unconscious. You may not even be aware that you are not fully committed. You think you are, yet when you look at around at your employees, team, support system, it’s not aligning. Chances are you are not fully aligned with your vision.

There are many ways to lead. Some may be building a team of leaders for their multi level marketing company. Others may have only a few employees or contractors. You may be building a huge business that hires hundreds of employees, managers, and supervisors. Every one of these is examples of building a team. If you are a manager of huge department or a project manager for a few people, you are a leader and for the best successful outcome, must embrace your best inner leader.

Even if you are a solopreneur, you are a leader. How are you leading yourself? Are you engaging the supportive team that ensures your overall success? Are the people you contract or employ really on your team?

Find out where you may be blocking your inner leader today with this episode of #TappyBreak. Tap through the resistance, the sludge, the unconscious beliefs or patterns that are hiding your inner brilliance. This world needs you to UNLEASH YOUR INNER LEADER.


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About #TappyBreak

Tap away the layers covering your brilliant soul and let it shine like a diamond!

#TappyBreak was created to addresses the challenges of being an entrepreneur, blast through the blocks that keep you from trusting your inner knowing and moving forward with grace and ease.

Every week Cheri leads you through a quick 15 minute tapping session addressing such issues as procrastination, writing blocks, overwhelm, control, speaking phobia, family loyalty, money blocks, and many other challenging areas that may be keeping you from having the success, happiness, or results that you desire.  You have a voice, a mission and a passion.  Don’t let unconscious and limiting stories keep you from sharing it fully and receiving all the abundance that comes with it.

By combining a light tapping on acupressure points while talking, you can move past the emotional and unconscious blocks that are creating your current results. When you tap on an issue often the underlying or unconscious triggers will surface so that you can acknowledge, express and release the charge or the power it has so that you can move into expansion and grow that huge vision you are holding for yourself and the world.


Qualities of Creative and Successful Leaders

Some people are natural born leaders. From their first steps, they have a confidence that attracts others to follow them. For others, it is not so apparent, yet it can be learned.  However, before you can lead others, you must first lead yourself. Leadership is internal.  Anything that we create in our business or life first begins within our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Success comes from the way you act. The way you act comes from the way you think and feel. Therefore, to become more successful, you must first change something within yourself. ~  Ritu Ghatourey

Like attracts like and we do teach people how to treat us.  How we treat ourselves is reflective of our internal belief about what we deserve. If you are not able to embrace self love, treat yourself with respect, kindness, and compassion you cannot extend that out to others.  You will treat others with the same disregard with which you treat yourself., and receive it back.  However, if you see you worth and value people will know by your actions and words.  You will also draw people into your circles, whether personal or business who match the vibrational quality of your inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

When you look in the mirrrobb-braun-quote5or, what do you see? How do you feel? Are you inspired by who looks back at you? Are you excited by your life, choices, actions and results? Do you greet the face in the mirror with a smile, a high five, and gratitude?

Do you see a person looking back at you who is confident, creative, open minded, intuitive, committed, inspired, has a positive attitude and integrity?

Based on an article for Forbes by Tanya Prive  these are the top qualities that make a great leader.

Let’s look at each one.

Confident.  When you are confident, you instill confidence in others.  It’s an intrinsic feeling that is fed from experience, and more importantly an unshakeable faith in yourself and what you are capable of achieving.  If you are not completely confident yet, you can choose to be. Remind yourself of who you are and what you are made of. Know in your every fiber of your being that you trust yourself and also trust that the universe supports your intentions.

Open Minded.  If you are stuck in believing there is only certain ways of doing things, or solving problems, you can hurt your overall venture.  Solutions,  ideas and opportunities may come from unexpected sources. Listen to feedback, communicate openly with your team members, and be willing to listen to other points of views.  Check in to see if you are open minded in your own life, and if not, set the intention to shift to a more open and expansive state.

Intuitive.  Like creativity, it comes from within and being open to receive guidance from a higher source.  It’s trusting your gut or those whispers of truths.  You can learn how your intuition speaks to you.  Everyone is intuitive, however not everyone cultivates their intuition. This is a very internal practice that can reap greater rewards than if you are always in your head.

Commited.  Commitment is an internal decision.  When you are aligned to your passion, your mission, your truth, and when you are connected to the why of your intentions and goals, the power of commitment is exponential.  If you are not committed, others can see and feel it and will match it.  If you want commitment teams, employees, partners, be committed yourself.

Inspired.  You know how great it is to be around someone who inspires you. You are probably who you are today because someone inspired something great in you.  Well, be that person yourself.  If you look in the mirror and don’t like who you see, and are uninspired by your own thoughts and actions, you won’t be able to create the excitement and buzz from your work-force, team members, customers and partners.  If you want inspired people around you, inspire them.

Positive Attitude.  You can choose to see the glass half full or half empty.  It’s up to you.  Remember how you see it, is how it will be.  Stress is reduced when you think positively.  Creativity, inspiration  and confidence are all fueled by positive attitudes.  The overall feeling of your environment is improved and lighter when your attitude is positive and hopeful.  Morale is greater and so is productivity when the attitude from the top down is positive.  You can always choose what attitude and perspective you will have.  It’s a conscious choose from within.

Integrity.  There is no way that you can treat other with honesty if you are not honest with yourself.  Being in integrity with your values, feelings, and choices will instill trust in others.   If you want the support of others, then lead by example and be someone who walks their talk.  There is such thing as karma, so treat yourself and others how you wish to be treated. Make decisions that support your values.

I have found that by beginning each day with a brief ritual of grounding, expressing gratitude and setting intentions that these qualities of leadership blossom within your heart, mind, spirit and body. If you’d like free meditations to support you in creating your own practice, click here to get started right away.

Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention. ~ Deepak Chopra

If you feel challenged as an entrepreneur and leader, you can shift the inner blocks or limitations that are keeping you from shining your inner brilliance and creating the results you want with these free tapping videos.



Why Is So Hard to Ask for Help?

Hard to Ask For HelpWhen I first started my entrepreneurial adventure, I was so reluctant to hire anyone to help me.  I thought I should be able to figure it all out myself.  After all, I did pretty well for most of my life until that point figuring things out.  I finally reached a point where I just knew if I wanted to move forward, I had to bite the bullet and hire some people to do the jobs where their brilliance and expertise shone, so I could focus on my own area of excellence. It wasn’t easy. I felt like something was wrong with me that I had to pay other people to help me do my job.

Then I realized it wasn’t a job.  It was my life, my gift, and my passion to reach the audience who needed my services and do what I do best – hold space, help people see their own inner strength and wisdom, make choices to move forward with their dreams, and remove the blocks that keep them from living to their fullest potential.  I was so busy doing everything else, that the most important piece was being neglected.

I have been fortunate all of my life to always have support systems in place with friends and family when it came to my children. It was invaluable as a young mother and as a single mother.  Yet, I always felt guilty and ashamed that I needed help.

When it comes to other areas, I can be quite stubborn in asking for help or I ask but it does not align with my timeline, so I would go ahead and do it myself – and usually pay for it in some way.
Of course there were the many times when I would just “do it myself so it would get done right,” filled with attitude and resentment.  Yuck!

There are also the times where I just expect that people should know what I need or want. Then fill with righteous indignation that  they cannot read my mind or see what is obvious to me.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?  It seems like it is a big red flag of incompetence if we need help!  What is up with that?!
There has to be a happy balance.

There is!  Some of it is has to do with the beliefs we have around asking for help.  The culture and environment in which we were raised also contributes to how we feel about it.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not meant to do it alone.  However, one thing I have discovered consistently in working with my clients is the inherent belief that you cannot count on anyone.  You have learned to protect yourself by not trusting that you can have the support you need because at a critical point in your life, you did not receive the love and support that you needed.  So either you do hire people or ask for help but are continuously disappointed by the results or avoid it altogether because of the unconscious expectation that you have around not being supported.

Where are you being blocked in a way that is keeping you from asking for or hiring the help that will allow you to accomplish your goals, see your intentions come to light, and enjoy the vision of success you have?

Join me for another to discover what is holding you back, keeping you stoic, and not letting you take the important steps to gather the support team that will help you manifest your dreams and desires?

The Power of Choice

change we seek in usI wrote the following on my personal Facebook page on Dec. 7, 2014.   I was humbled to tears by the generous and loving responses people shared with me both privately and publicly.  I want to share it with you for inspiration and hope.  We all have dreams.  We all have visions.  We all have challenges. We can’t allow the challenges to thwart our visions. We may have to rest, reevaluate and tune in for guidance.  The path may be different than what we imagined and yet if we are connected to our intention and open to the “how” of them, success, happiness, love, gratitude, and triumph are always there.

I share this today to remind myself and you that today is a new day, a new opportunity to reconnect to your intentions and take one step in bringing them to life.  It’s a new opportunity to choose in favor of you! We all have choices each in every moment. We can choose to complain and see what’s wrong or we can choose to be grateful and see what’s right.  We can choose to give up or choose to keep going.  Every moment is  a choice.

We are almost halfway into January and many resolutions have already been forgotten.  It’s ok.  Sit quietly. Breathe deeply.  Listen for the truth of what you really commit to today.  Change takes place one step at at time,  one choice at a time, one day at a time. What is really important to you?  Why is it important?  When you know the “what” and the “why” it is so much easier to commit and resolve to “be” in the spirit of those things and consistently  make the choice to take the inspired action to have your visions be real.


I have spent most of my life (like so many) beating myself up, steeped in overwhelming regret, comfortable in a critical and judgmental voice. Seeing my worth and value intrinsically was almost transparent. I played a good game if you were an outsider looking in, yet those most close to me knew the truth and some even fed that part of myself. The worst part of that is what I modeled to my children in their most impressionable ages.

It has been a struggle and a challenge moving past those days especially when you add in debilitating, disabling Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. Add to that depression, chronic pain a mind not working (all thanks to LD and F) and divorce. Many years have passed (thankfully) since the worst of those days. I am so grateful to the intention, commitment and decisions I have made to move far beyond that and create a far more healthy and positive life.

Yet, here’s a truth I do not often share. It’s still not easy. There is a not a day that I am not feeling pain somewhere in my body. Every day is an act of sheer determination and will to get out of bed and move. There are so many days when 12 hours of sleep is still not enough for me to feel like I am human. My doctors and support team throughout the years have repeatedly admired me and I never understood why. They would tell me that most of their patients gave up, came in regularly for meds, and spent their days sitting or lying in front of the TV, giving up on any other life. I could not understand or appreciate their admiration. You see for me, there was never any other choice but to LIVE FULLY.

I have a learned that I am empathic, intuitive and expend so much energy just being around people and loving people the way I do and have learned to manage that. Thankfully I have begun a grounding, centering, and meditation practice which helps.

I am more reflective today because my husband, Burt has finalized a song he has been working on for MS. Although I do not have MS, I recognize and resonate with so many of the symptoms, which have sprung to life in my awareness through Burt’s renditions of the song.

So, I actually made a huge positive shift internally in choosing to see myself more positively. It would be so easy to live a different life. I could easily decide to close the doors to my healing and coaching business. I could say no to so many people whom I love when they need support. I could skip the games and sleepovers of all the kids whom I love dearly. There are so many things I could skip and miss out on. I could also continue to criticize myself for not doing more, not being better, etc.

Yet I choose not to. I choose to sleep more than I want, so I can do all these things. I choose to walk outdoors, practice yoga, swim, and hire a personal trainer even though I cannot always keep up with the schedule I set for myself. I choose to cook, shop, attend conferences, grow my business and do what I can, even if I move more slowly or not at all sometimes. That’s ok. Because the truth is, I am going to be a whole worse off if I give in to the recliner and couch permanently and stop.

So to those of you who are suffering in any capacity, you can move out of it. You don’t have to settle for where you are. You can choose to create something else – something better.

We all have choices. What do you choose? I choose to live, to love and to be present in my life. I choose to move (even when its tough and it hurts.) I choose to honor my limitations (even though it still annoys me at times.) I choose to accept and love who I am while I continue to grow, expand and heal. I choose to be here and show up. I hope you do too!

It is all a choice.  I wouldn’t be here today without choosing to be and surround myself with like minded, like hearted together we can do so muchpeople who supported me in my vision to wholeness, to health, and continuing on my entrepreneurial adventure – and an adventure it has been! So if you would like to be in the company of women who choose to live, to show up fully, to commit to their dreams and be supported on your adventure whether it be building a business, starting a new venture or just living life fully, please join me and an intimate group for a Business and Leadership Self Mastery journey to success.

How To Get Real With Your Resolutions

on new years resolutionsIt’s that time of the year again when everyone has made a list of resolutions. We are one week into this new year – and here’s the million dollar question – how are your resolutions working out? Have you already failed? Do you feel like a loser because you didn’t make it a week –  or worse – you didn’t even get started?

Not to worry folks! You are not a failure or a loser. You are human. The conditioning, patterns, beliefs that have been with you for a lifetime don’t just fall away because you will them to do so. It’s all well and good to resolve to do better this year, but the truth is, that it’s really just another day.

So why do you put all this pressure on yourself to magically transform yourself overnight? It takes repeated steps to create a new pattern or habit and that takes time, consistency and repetition.

And truth be told, most often you aren’t really aligned with your resolutions. Deep down, you don’t really want to make these changes. Or you don’t believe that you can. There are so many underlying and unconscious reasons that you may sabotage your efforts or not line up with really making these changes. You don’t want to hear this, yet it’s true.

So join me for this episode of #TappyBreak. Let’s bust the barriers to your resolutions or get real with whether you even want to succeed at these. Perhaps you will get more realistic and truthful about what you really want to commit to changing this year.


Out With The Old and In With the New

2014 byeWhat a pleasure having you in my community! I look forward to sharing resources, stories, inspiration and success stories with you for another year. Knowing that you are out there and reading these blog posts excites and inspires me to write them, so thank you for that gift.

I am really excited about 2015! Are you? As I reflect on this past year, there are many joys, firsts and successes to celebrate. There are also things I am ready to leave behind and things I wish to create and embrace in this New Year ahead.

Personally, I finally cleared Lyme disease after 18 years. My stepdaughter had a little girl, Juliana Marianne. My oldest child and daughter also had a baby, Hattie Patricia, so I was in baby heaven!Although I have been a step grandmother for 14 years, it was exciting to welcome a new generation to my bloodline.

My husband and I spent a month in St. Augustine, Florida and began a daily practice of writing pages inspired by Julia Cameron’s, “The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.” I was surprised at how positively it has affected my life and my business.  Some days I find inspired words flow onto the page.  Other days I work through inner struggles.  I find questions to answers.  Ultimately I am finding it much easier to write in general.

I became more aware of the autoimmune effects that fibromyalgia has had on my life, and began to pay more attention and take better care of myself, adding swimming to my exercise routine and hiring a personal trainer.

Professionally, I took a big leap of faith, moving from the collaborative office of a naturopath into my own office. I got very clear on my message and audience and made some changes to my branding, website and offerings. Intuition became a natural voice and guide in business and personal decisions. I started offering a year long mentoring and mastermind program and love the results my clients and I are having!

Here’s what I am leaving behind. Lack of consistency and discipline in personal and professional practices, drinking too much alcohol daily, Tappy Hour, dairy, soy and transfat – thought I could never give up cream in my coffee, and I did! I am also going to give the Paleo Diet a sincere effort so leaving grains behind too. My intention is to feel great – have more energy, less pain, and more mobility.  I will keep you posted on how this is helping with autoimmune disease for me.

What about you? I’d love to hear what you loved about this past year and what you released.

So for 2015 here is what I intend to create. Even more inner peace, consistency and discipline for a list of things I have intentioned for myself. I will enjoy physical and mental energy, less physical pain, and an even more profitable business that meets the financial goals I have set.

I am excited to begin the second group of Enlightened Business/Empowered Life in late January, and third group in June. I am open to possibilities for my business that I haven’t even imagined yet.

I have some great workshops in the works that I am offering  both alone and collaboratively.

I am excited to continue to create free #TappyBreak videos  every week. These are quick 15 minute videos provide grounding, getting present, and tapping to relieve stress, anxiety, fears, doubts, memories, experiences, old stories and limiting beliefs that hold you back in your life and business. You can follow along with my script, or use your own words and tap any time you need some relief or to change things up. I hope you enjoy them. Anytime you need a boost, visit my YouTube channel for the complete library of TappyBreak Videos.

I will continue to be with my lovely grand daughter 2 days a week so her mum, my daughter can teach yoga classes and continue to run her holistic nutrition business. I am so grateful that my life and my business afford me this opportunity.

My husband and I are looking at how we can spend more time in St Augustine, FL.  Fortunately my work can be done from anywhere with a phone and Google hangouts. Being in St. Augustine allows us to spend time with our other daughter and granddaughter.

An exciting and expansive year awaits!

Your turn! What are YOU creating in 2015?


How to Manage and Reduce Stress

intentions and stress shortIt was  Christmas when I created  this episode of #TappyBreak.  However not everyone celebrates this holiday and not everyone that does enjoys it.

There is so much stress associated with Christmas on top of the stress that so many people live with every day.

Another source of stress for almost everyone is all the new year resolutions that we make.  Making them does not cause the stress so much as keeping them.  So, I invite you to set intentions for the new year and let those intentions guide your actions and goal setting.  Let go of the resolutions and be realistic with what you want to create for yourself.  You have enough stress in your life without adding overwhelming expectations.

Stress is unhealthy on so many levels.  Tapping is one way to manage and erase the effects that stress has on your body, mind, and energy which is why I create the weekly tapping videos for you – #TappyBreak.

Breathing, grounding, movement that you enjoy, listening to music also can help.  One thing that has helped me the most (when combined with breathing, grounding and tapping) is the the present of presence.

When we are consciously being present in the moment with – what you are doing – who you are with – where you are – there is no room for stress.  If you would like free guided meditations to support you in grounding and becoming present, click here.

So today my gift to you to begin this new year, this new day with a tapping sequence that you can use everyday to help manage or reduce stress and to learn to be present in each moment.

How To Love Your Numbers

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It is surprising to me how many solo entrepreneurs put blinders on when it comes to their financial reports. Cash flow projections, income statements, ROI tell the story of your profit or loss, and provide necessary information to help you manage cash flow, implement marketing strategies, and make investment decisions.

If your eyes just glazed over, or your mind went into overwhelm, then today’s #TappyBreak is a must for you.

“One of the pillars of entrepreneurial success is: know your numbers.” ~ Ande Lyons

Get rid of your money shame, fear and ignorance. If you want to be in the black, you’ve got to know your numbers! It is actually rather empowering to know them. You can make informed decisions, set realistic goals, and have a more defined sense of purpose and priority with your schedule.

When you show your numbers some love, respect and attention you will watch your bottom line rise. It’s like any relationship, the more you cultivate it, the better it gets.

I will admit, I wasn’t very attentive to my numbers the first few years in business. Then I hired a bookkeeper. Even though I took this very necessary step, I did not embrace the opportunity as fully as I could have. Every month she would send me my reports and I would ignore them – not very loving at all.

On the months when she would meet with me to go over the reports, business improved. So now I have a monthly date with my reports.

My weekly date is with my cash flow projections spreadsheet. I get pretty motivated to pick up the phone when I know that my numbers for that month aren’t up to snuff.

Jessica Vienneau of Above The Barr is my rocking bookkeeper.

Ande Lyons of Possibility Partners created a customized 12 month cash flow statement for my business and will help you out too.

If you are still here reading, there’s hope for you. So join me for this episode of #TappyBreak to tap through the barriers you have to knowing, embracing and loving your numbers.

How To Love Networking

networkingSome people are born networkers. You watch them move easily around a crowd, sharing information, connecting people, and seem like they actually enjoy it. While others dread the word.

Then there are those people who, as soon as you see them coming your way, you want to escape. You know the ones, the walk up to you, stick out their business card, tell you who they are and what they do, and not once even feign interest in you.

Networking is a way to meet potential clients, resource referrals, collaborators, and service providers who can help you. Networking is not about walking away with a sale.

However, it is uncomfortable for many people to attend events or even understand why they should attend them. Then there is the issue of finding the right networking venues for you. There are monthly meetings, weekly obligatory networking groups, conferences, training, social media, to name a few. These are planned events for the purpose of “networking.”

But in reality every day you are networking.

I have found that the way you view and you approach networking and the mindset you have about it makes all the difference.

So in this episode of #TappyBreak, we will tap on the negative aspects and mindsets that you have around networking. We will tap on reframing a more positive, open, holistic and successful approach to networking.

In the end you will lose the stress and anxiety around networking and feel more confident and inspired going to your next event.

Be warned, you may even start to enjoy networking!


I Did Everything Right, So What Went Wrong?

i followed the rules!  ???Have you followed all the rules and still, you are not seeing your desired or expected results? This happens in your personal life and in your professional life.

I hear this all the time. I did what I was supposed to do, so what happened? I didn’t receive the promotion. My marriage ended. There are not enough clients to pay the bills. My mother still can’t be happy for my success. Fill in your own _________.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • You invested in a coaching program that has left you disappointed, frustrated, and confused? You invested in yourself. You invested in your business. You followed the blueprint, step by step. You followed your coach’s advice to the T. It worked for them. Yet, here you are with less than desirable results.
  • You give more than 100% in your job. You consistently came in early day after day, stayed late to meet deadlines, accepted more and more responsibility and yet the promotion went to someone else.
  • You wrote your proposal, had several friends edit your manuscript, submitted it by the letter to your top ten list of publishers, and nothing – so you decided to self-publish, and still nothing.

The list could go on and on. Everyone has their own story of following the rules and not getting what you want.

That can leave you feeling resentful, angry, frustrated, disappointed, and utterly confused. What is a person to do?

Join me Thursday for #TappyBreak!

First you will identify where YOU followed the rules and it didn’t work. Then, be guided through a tapping sequence voicing how you feel about this experience until the emotion is neutral. Finally you will reach a place of peace, freedom, new perspective, and excitement.

You might be surprised to discover what else may pop up or what insights are revealed to you – nuggets!

So if you are game, and ready to unearth and put to rest the hold that following the rules have had on you, join me for #TappyBreak.



It’s Not Always Easy To Be Grateful

VideoPlaceholder - not easy being thankful

It’s Thanksgiving here in the states – a time to gather with friends and family and express how thankful you are.  But the truth is, there are a lot of people who are not grateful and who do not enjoy the holidays.

So what’s a person to do surrounded by the advice to be grateful.  Focus on what’s good in your life.  Where you put your attention is what you will see more in your life.  Develop an attitude of gratitude.  Keep a gratitude journal.  Every day choose something for which you are grateful.

All great advice and I’ve given it often myself.  I believe all of these words and live by and practice them myself.

I also know it can be quite challenging.  So today, I offer you a way to be honest with how you feel AND gracefully shift into a more grateful state.

This week I am sharing a post from Erin Holt Health.  It’s about gratitude and I wanted to share it with you. I am  not sure I could have said it any better!    Erin is a holistic nutritionist, a yoga teacher, a new mom and my daughter.  I think you’ll enjoy her post as much as I did and hopefully walk away with a new perspective.

Oh, and there’s a tapping video from me to help you  gracefully move into gratitude.

I suppose it’s a little cliché to talk about being grateful this week.  But I’m doing it anyway.

Last week I sent you an email detailing the craziness of the past few months. I got a lot of responses from that email telling me to keep my head up, that it would get easier, that I was doing a great job.

First of all, thank you for the responses.  You’re awesome.

Secondly, don’t you worry about me.  I’m good.  Really, I am!  A few short weeks ago, though?  Ehhhh…not so good.

Let me share how I turned this train around (hint: it’s an appropriate Thanksgiving tale).

About a month ago I caught myself complaining…a lot. I was exhausted, I was under some stress, and I was having a really hard time feeling excited about anything.  I was stuck in the weeds.

The problem was, all the complaining wasn’t helping me get out. It was just keeping me stuck. So I decided to slowly start clearing the weeds by reframing those complaints.

At 3am while on my 5th nursing of the night I thought, “I’m thankful for my exhaustion, because it means I have a healthy baby girl to love.”

While trying to squeeze my new hips into my old jeans I thought “I am grateful for my new body because it produces and sustains life” (incidentally, I’m also grateful for yoga pants).

While trying to coordinate utility installations with appliance deliveries I thought, “I’m happy to have a full plate, because it means we are creating a new home.”

I’m not going to tell you that my days changed – that my baby started sleeping through the night or my love handles went away or boxes unpacked themselves – but what did change was my attitude.  Once I started finding gratitude for my stressors, I realized they weren’t so bad. In fact, my life was pretty darn great.

I will be honest, this took – and continues to take – effort.  It’s actually much easier to sit and stew in your crap.  To stay in the weeds. But if you’re able to put a positive spin on your troubles, if you’re able to find gratitude for the yucky things in your life, then you can start to see the good more clearly. And that makes life feel more manageable.

It’s always important to be grateful for the good stuff.  The real magic happens when we can find gratitude for the not-so-good.  The struggles, the tough situations, the people that irritate us and the things we don’t like…it’s these challenges that make us grow.  They make us more adaptable, more compassionate – they make us better people.

Each year I read a poem during my Thanksgiving week yoga classes and each year several students ask for a copy of the poem to read aloud at their Thanksgiving table.  Below is that poem – maybe this year you can try it out during your holiday meal.

“Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.  If you did, what would there be to look forward to? 

Be thankful when you don’t know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn. 

Be thankful for the difficult times.  During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character. 

Be thankful for your mistakes.  They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary, because it means you’ve made a difference. 

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who
are also thankful for the setbacks.

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.”

(Author Unknown)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Stay grateful, my friend!


Erin and Cheri

Looking for some Thanksgiving inspiration?  Check out some of my favorite side dishes!  Please share with someone that you think would enjoy!


How To Stay Motivated When You Want to Give Up

VideoPlaceholder when is it my turnYou have put so much time, effort, energy, and money into building your business or reaching a particular goal. It hasn’t happened yet, and you are frustrated, disappointed, resentful, sad, angry, and STILL HOPEFUL. You are NOT READY TO GIVE UP.  BUT It’s been long enough. You see everyone around you succeeding, reaching goals, making money, doing live events – fill in your own blank here _____

Enough already! WHEN IS IT YOUR TURN?

All the positive thinking, speaking, and writing is only going to get you so far if underlying is a plethora of negative, mixed and unexpressed emotions going on. The truth is, you are feeling frustrated, disappointed, resentful, sad and angry so take a break, tap on the endpoints of your meridian system and voice those thoughts! Yes, acknowledge them once and for all and then MOVE ON with ease and grace to manifesting your intentions and goals.

Join me for  this #TappyBreak to clear the energy you are holding from not reaching your goals YET, and create the space for it to happen.

Shift Your Critical Voice From Critical to Inspirational

The past 4 episodes for #TappyBreak, we explored root chakra issues of safety from 4 different perspectives.

Releasing Your Hidden Fear Around Money

Releasing Fear of Financial Abundance

Why You Must Set Healthy Boundaries

How To Move From Disappointment to Confidence

CRITICAL VOICEToday I will move up to your second chakra. The sacral chakra’s focal points are your emotions, sexuality, creativity, pleasure, well-being, relationships and abundance. It represents your ability to go with the flow, be in grace and acceptance while allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements. However, you may find it difficult to recognize and celebrate what you have accomplished because of the negative voice that reminds of where you are falling short or failing.

One of the most important relationships you have is the one with yourself. Many people beginning in childhood have influenced this relationship. You have created beliefs; vows and a perception of who you are that can be quite critical.

What is your relationship with you? When you think thoughts about your goals, your business, and your value, are they kind words of encouragement or critical words that undermine your efforts and keep you stuck from finishing projects or even starting them.

Do you have a book inside of you waiting for your fingers to flow across the screen to bring it to completion?   Do you find yourself thinking or saying the following?

“I am not a good writer.”

“Who am I to write this book – the topic has already been covered.”

“I don’t have the time to write a book.”

Are you excited about a class you want to teach but won’t even put it on your calendar? What thoughts are stopping you?

Do you spend time each week in business building activities that generate revenue or get lost in the minutia of things that don’t really matter? What is your critical voice telling you?

I named my critical voice “Negative Nellie” years ago. Perhaps you have a name for your voice that criticizes, judges, and berates you. It’s not important to name this voice. What matters is being aware of it, acknowledging its message, and breaking the habitual cycle of its hurtful chatter.

Often this voice is such a constant companion, and one that you have had for so long it feels true to you. If you are ready to shift this voice from critical to inspirational, join me for #TappyBreak in this video.

Release Your Hidden Fear Around Money

The past 3 episodes for #TappyBreak, we explored root chakra issues of safety from 3 different perspectives.

Releasing Fear of Financial Abundance

Why You Must Set Healthy Boundaries

How To Move From Disappointment to Confidence

TB Fear Around Money ITThe root chakra is your first energy center through which all of our life force runs.  When this is blocked or stuck, it wreaks havoc in your life in many ways. Many spiritual teachers work on the upper chakras and ignore the foundation.  You manifest with your lower chakras.  The inspiration and ideas you have need to be grounded and sourced through a clear channel.

You may be aware that you don’t feel safe in certain areas, but the truth as I am constantly discovering within myself and with my clients is that often you have no idea that you don’t feel safe. There are many areas in your life where you may unconsciously not feel safe, and as entrepreneurs and business owners, this is an important place to explore.  Awareness is the key. If you can identify a fear, you can work with it.

I will share a personal story with you. For the past 20 years I have had a very rich life in many ways.  I am well provided for and I was able to manifest jobs, raises, stock options, investments, surprise money, generous divorce settlement, very generous current husband and successful business.  And although I have been and still am financially sound, I never felt like I was.

I was always worried that we would run out of money, or that there would not be enough, and that I did handle money well. I physically feel sick when I think of all the wealth I have had in my life and how I have wasted it with the poor decisions keeping me in an endless cycle.

I have tapped on the spirituality of money, the “I have to struggle mentality”, no one will love me, I will lose my relationship if I make money, I worked through blame, shame, not deserving it, feeling judged, judging others and not wanting to be that person. I have tapped away so much money junk and feel good about where I am, so you can imagine my surprise when this issue of not feeling safe with money popped up – surprised and relieved.  If it’s hiding out in our subconscious, it’s energetically contributing to running the show and usually with negative results.

I have worked the money issue from many perspective – oh what I tangled web I’ve woven around money, success, and SAFETY.  Yes, safety.  This post is not about all the different ways I have cleared the many money webs, but I wanted to share this with you because so much has shifted in the onward and upward world of my money, and yet it still blows me away when I discover another hidden nugget – most recently while I was tapping in a group.

I know first hand the POWER of borrowed benefits when tapping in a group.  I offer #TappyBreak and #TappyHour – 2 very different group experiences because of the results people get when tapping with me.

So I recently joined a group where someone else is holding the space, and leading the way so that I could receive what I needed. I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I needed; I just trusted that tapping works and that my inner wisdom and guidance speaks loudly to me when I hold that space of trust for it.

Today, as I tapped along with a woman who felt stuck and trapped for the past two years even though she had done so much work around her money, I tapped along with my own intention since her story was not really mine – or so I thought.

So, as I was tapping and repeating after the facilitator and following his lead, I reached a new depth of understanding around anger and fear.

First I recognized I was still angry at something on a completely different issue, when I realized that anger was also directed at myself STILL for my poor choices around money. I felt it in my coccyx.  Our bodies hold many clues of we learn to tune in.

But what was really under that was FEAR.  I don’t feel safe with wealth. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!   So, I had some tapping to do to release that and to allow myself to feel safe with money.

I was holding on to this anger and fear to protect me – keep me in high alert so that “it” never happened again.  My “it” is especially focused on specific events that are personal to me.  Everyone has his or her own “it”


What is keeping you in false protective mode so “it” never happens again?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, join me for #TappyBreak in this episode and you will discover your “it.”

If you know, join me for #TappyBreak so you can shift it from protecting you to serving you.

The funny thing about my tapping story is that today in the group, the woman was tapping on a breakup. I could have easily dismissed this and fast-forwarded past this part of the audio thinking it did not apply to me.  As many of you might be tempted to do.  I would have missed the opportunity to move past a block that was hiding in the shadows or my case, my coccyx.

Don’t be put off by a topic that you think does not apply to you. If you show up to #TappyBreak open to receive what you need, you will experience your own powerful shifts just where you need them – trust your inner wisdom to know what that is.

To prepare for this episode ask yourself, when it comes to money, wealth, and success – where do you not feel safe?  

If you cannot identify anything, set the intention to find out during #TappyBreak.  You will name it, acknowledge it, release it, and tap in feeling safe. 

You can learn more about the root chakra by visiting this page


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Please leave a comment and let me know how this helped you!