be aligned with your vision

So now that you have created your vision for success – life, business, work, play, relationships – let’s check in that you are truly aligned with your vision. Let’s make sure that you have the mindset and the heartset that you believe it is absolutely possible for you, and that you CAN LOVE INTO REALITY AND ENJOY IT.

So before we go further, let’s check in with your vision –

  • Did you engage ALL of your senses when creating it?
  • Did you allow for dreams and expansions?
  • Is this what you really want or did you limit yourself to what felt safe and realistic?
  • Where is your mindset and heart-set with this vision?
  • Are you truly aligned with your vision – believing it is possible and that you are committed and invested in its becoming real?

These are some tough questions. Be honest with your answers.  They will identify where you have blocks, limiting beliefs, stuck energy, past failures and doubts.  Now you know what needs to shift if you want your vision to come to life and reality.  

I love this book from Ryan Biddulph’s blogging series, “Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger.”

mindset of successful blogger


Now I get that your vision may have nothing to do with blogging and that’s perfectly fine! Yet the advice that Ryan shares in this book is spot on for success in ANY vision you have!  So take his advice and replace “blogger” with “your vision.”

Here are some highlights from this book that attribute to Ryan’s phenomenal success as a blogger – and by the way I attribute to my own successful vision of creating, living, and loving a life I choose which includes my business. I have absolutely grown a life and a business in harmony with my soul which is what I help you do! 

Meditate every day. 

Get still and quiet and let the silence speak to you and show you old, outdated and limiting thought patterns.  My views on meditation: There are many ways to meditate.  Try different styles, giving each one at least a week to see if will work for you. Find one that works for you and stick with it, every day.  In this post, I describe several ways to meditate. 

Get clear on what you want. 

Ryan is a huge believer in being very clear on who your blogging audience and message, and why your are blogging.  In a general why you want or are doing anything. This sense of clarity will fuel your vision.  So important in anything you do.  I have been saying for years, you get what you want whether you know it or not.  So know what you want. Be clear and aware of what you are asking and putting out to the universe and the people around you.

Move every day. 

Our bodies were designed to MOVE. Sitting at a desk all day is not ideal and yet we all do it.  So do what you can and start some movement practice.  

Go for a walk.  Ride a bike. Dance. Practice yoga.  Do something that you enjoy and that moves your body!    

I used try to do everything in the morning before working, yet I’ve discovered I’d rather mix it up.  So for me – yoga in the morning. Writing, and desk work.  Go for a walk, or 30 minutes on my paddle board or bike ride.  Of course in the summer, I have more options. As winter approaches may switch up the outdoor stuff for indoor classes. 

It doesn’t matter what you do, just do it! Switch it up. Keep it interesting and fun.

I found this awesome 6 minute video -Yoga at Your Desk!  Come who can’t take 6 minutes every couple of hours and do this.  Don’t stay at your desk all day.  Take breaks.  Walk around. Stretch. Breathe.  Thanks to My Girly Pants for this find!

Unplug every day and more. 

Step away from technology.  Turn off you phone, computer, ipad, kindle, nook.  While technology is wonderful, it can become overwhelming, addictive, and all-consuming.  That is not healthy for anyone on any level!  

I find that the more unplug, the more productive I am when I am turned and tuned in to technology.  There are days, I just need to be in nature, with friends and family, and being present with myself and my experiences.

Hands down, every time, I give myself permission to unplug, rest, live, laugh, enjoy – whatever it is I need – I do it – and then I am a powerhouse when I am connected to writing, healing, coaching, mentoring, social media, creativity.  It all just flows.  Give yourself permission to unplug.

Get Creative.  

I used to think that only some people were creative.  That’s so not true! We all are creative in different ways. The more we explore and play with creative outlets, the more creative we become AND the more productive. Pretty sweet, huh?

I have seen more clients find their mojo, their joy, and their business grow, when they took time to play with creative outlets.  I can personally tell you it, it’s made a huge difference for me.  I paint.  I sing. I write.  No expectations.  No worry about perfection. Just for the fun of it.  Go ahead and try it.


So to sum it up. Today is a new day.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is not here.  Every moment you get to begin again, make new choices that can either move you forward, take you backwards, or keep you stuck.  It’s your choice!  What do you choose today, right now? 

Aligned Success Tip #2 – Be Aligned With Your Vision

  1. Meditate 
  2. Get Clear 
  3. Move 
  4. Unplug
  5. Get Creative

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Benefits of Meditation’s August and summer is nearing its end. It’s easy to let go of practices you may have established over the summer.  So now’s a good time to think about beginning a new practice that will serve you as you transition into the fall.   I have discovered over and over again is that it is exactly at these times that we need to have a ritual or practice of some kind that help ground us, keep us in our own space and present.

I will admit, when I have a deadline, or have a project I want to see finished, its easy for me to skip a yoga class or a walk, and yet I have discovered every time, that skipping what grounds and nourishes me does not help!  I even let a few mornings go by without starting with my meditation.  There was a time I would have beat myself up, and now I realize each moment, each day is a new opportunity to begin anew.  The past is behind.  I send gratitude for those days and I connect to now with love. Then I take a moment or two, and just breathe.

Establishing a meditation practice does not have to be difficult or time consuming.  I start each morning with breath work for12 – 20 minutes.  I begin each day grounding my energy, setting my intention and offering gratitude. If you prefer guided meditations, then this a great way to start.  There are 3 meditations that are 7 minutes or less and are my free gift to you.  Sometimes I just breathe counting on my mala beads.  My favorite is a kundalini breath meditation made for me by one of my spiritual mentors. I am always adding meditations for purchase to my website also.

2015-08-20 11.04.58-1

Some mornings, I have also found chanting to be a wonderful way to quiet my mind, and set my day.  One of my favorites is “Om Namah Shivaya”.   I have several versions that I just love.  I listen to chanting while I am driving in my car or walking.  I can feel my body and soul vibrating more openly, and I feel more grounded and present when I reach my destination.

Taking a shower is a perfect time to set your space and your day.  Notice the feel of the water as it hits your body.  Smell the scent of the soap you are using.  Breathe consciously during the entire shower.  Set an intention for you day.  Give gratitude for being awake and alive with a new day ahead of you.

Explore and find the way that best helps you to quiet your mind, ground your energy and connect to the divine.  Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, just choose a time, space, and meditation that you can commit to doing every day.  Once it becomes a habit, you will find that you miss this precious gift. If you do miss a day, don’t fret about it.  Just begin again.  Life is a journey.  Let yourself flow with it.  The point of meditation is not about getting somewhere, it’s to be present and connected with your inner wisdom and guidance.

How to Create Your Vision for Business

have a vision

Many people focus on creating a vision statement for their business.  A vision statement is different than a vision. I suggest that before you create your vision statement, you create your vision for business, and by the way that should include a personal vision as well.

A vision is an overall view of what your business looks like for you.  It also includes the vision you have for your life – personal time, relationships, health, and yes, work as well as play. 

Regardless of where you are in your career or in your life,  having a vision is the first step to getting there. So many people look at their work or their business as separate from their life. Yet the reality for most people is that their work is a huge part of their life. So why do you separate them? Without a vision, you are just going through the motions, letting life happen and pass you by.  Which may be just fine for you.  No judgments here. However, if you want to create your life with a direction (and by the way, being present and going with the flow is still part of this plan) then you gotta have a vision.

Do you have a vision? Take time to answer the following questions completely and honestly.  Answer them from your heart, not just your head.  Your mind can limit your answers and this exercise to expand your experience. Answering these questions will get you started in creating your vision.  Once you have a vision in place, then your intentions, goals and opportunities will guide your actions. 

     Personal Vision 

  • How do you want to feel?
  • Who are the people you choose to spend time with? The people you that surround you influence and affect you – so are you spending time with people who inspire, motivate and fuel your vision? Is this important to you?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • How do you spend your time?

    Business Vision  

  • Do you want to be an employee?
  • Is having your own business the goal?
  • If you have your own business, are you growing it to include employees, contractors, or one-woman show is great?
  • How is your work life structured?
  • What are your goals for your business?

   Life Vision

  • Where do you live?
  • How are your work and personal lives balanced?
  • Is family important to you and what does that mean for you?

Once you answer all these questions, sit with it.  Feel it.  Write it into a story. Make a vision board.  Do whatever brings it to life and activates a vibration of it being real for you. This will begin to fuel your actions toward bringing your vision for business and for life to reality. You want to engage the emotional, creational, and intuitive energy to combine with the logical side of just writing it down in a list.



If you’d like some help in creating your vision, schedule a session with me, and I will help you get very clear on what’s true and right for you! If you are the do-it-yourself kind of person, then this book helps you create a vision utilizing the 4 Step Strategic Attraction Plan. 


6 Things You Can Do To Integrate Your Intelligence and Creativity

Creativity is intelligence having funI love the wisdom and understanding that Albert Einstein had in integrating the mind and the spirit.   I spent most of my life thinking I did not have a creative thought in my head.  I also spent years putting myself in a box of right brain ~ intelligent being because I thought that is what I had to do.

The irony is that most of my jobs in the corporate world actually used both my intelligence and my creativity – I just did not realize that until recently. Working in a  financial and accounting environment, people were often surprised that I was drawn to it.  They did not think it fit with my personality.  I truly did not understand that.

Upon reflection, I now see that I loved that there was the grounding and parameters of a more linear and organized fashion, yet I was allowed the freedom to create systems, build relationships, and implement new way of doing things.

In one position, I created an online expense reporting system using excel spreadsheets that converted the 4 currencies depending on where you filing from.  This saved me so much time than the handwritten ones that were piling in weekly. It may not sound like much now, but in 1999 that was pretty innovative, at least in the company where I was working. There had to be some creativity having fun with intelligence there.

I have come to realize that everyone has intelligence and also has creativity.  Some may lean strongly toward one or the other yet it is not EITHER/OR.  It’s always A YES/AND.

Those who integrate and allow one to feed the other will experience far more joy and success. There are so many things that you can do balance these two or at least make room for the head and spirit to work together.

Here are just a few suggestions:

1. Begin a daily pages practice

I began one in October last year and it has totally opened up my writing capacity. You can learn more from “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Basically, you begin each day writing 3 pages. You can write anything.  It is not to be shared, reviewed, or judged.  You just write.  Anything.  Just let the words flow.  If you have nothing to say, write that until words appear.  It’s a great practice.  Sometimes I am in my head forcing the words, yet mostly the words just speak to the page freely. Glowing Goddess colleagues and clients who have have had this practice report not only does it open up creativity, it helps focus their minds, and work through things they never could have if they just stayed in their head.

2.  Do any creative activity just for the fun of it

A couple of years ago I joined these really amazing artists to paint. I had no aspirations to become an artist of their magnitude or at all. I just wanted a way to get out of my head and into a creative space. I would laugh at my kindergarten paintings compared to their art show quality ones.  Yet, I was actually laughing in fun, not judgment, which is very different than how I spent most of life when it came to my artistic capacity.  I began to just paint for the fun of it.  I would lose myself in the colors and the textures and the movement of the paintbrush.  It totally helped me tap into my creativity and intuition. It was such a wonderful break from being in my head and my thoughts.

3. Take a walk in nature

Whether it’s by a river, the ocean, in the mountains or just close to trees, being outside and walking opens many avenues.  It often clears my head, helps me to focus, and conceptualize inspired solutions or ideas. The gentle breeze caressing your skin, the smell of the earth or the sea, the movement of your arms swinging all lend themselves to merging your intelligent mind with the universal intelligence inspiring creative direction. Nothing revives my spirit or energizes me more than a walk on the beach.  I am fortunate to live 3/4 mile from one.

4. Have a daily ritual that you enjoy

No matter what it is. Do it every day. This helps establish a grounding, centering and boundary which then allows for freedom. We need the creative spark to mingle with the intelligence and once conceived, needs to be materialized.  So the limitless can soar while the reality can materialize.

5. Play games that get your mind working

Suduko, crossword puzzles, word games, real puzzles, scrabble, card games are activities that use your mind. You need to think, remember, strategize, use different abilities and believe it or not this helps keep your brain active and flexible.  It can also be fun. And creative.  You’ll be surprised at you start solving or thinking in more expansive ways.

6.  Clear and balance your chakras

If your chakras are blocked with limiting beliefs, family programming, cultural conditioning and toxic memory, it is very challenging to fully be present in either intelligence or creativity.  The more I accessed the divine wisdom locked away in my chakras and cleared the sludge, the more integrated I became in accessing the intelligent and logical mind I have, but more importantly opening up the creative spirit that had been lying dormant.  I see this happen every day with my clients.

Ok, let’s hear from you. What do you do to merge your mind with your spirit?  Let me know in the comments.