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5 Changes That Helped My Autoimmune Flare

In March, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This really threw me into fear, overwhelm and rage which was a good thing. Rheumatoid Arthritis is scary stuff and so are the treatments for it. I finally took some serious action and gave myself permission to make decisions I couldn't quite let myself do before. Having another…
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The First Time They Met (poetry)

She noticed the way he walked A bit of a slant to his tall body Long lean legs that strode easily When he looked at her and said Hello His face broke into a wide easy smile His eyes danced with merriment or was it hope Her smile came easily too As she returned the…
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These 5 Questions Are a Guide for a Rich and Full Life

I came across a video recently. Dean James Ryan during his speech at the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates posed 5 Essential Questions in Life. I love his advice as a guide to living a rich and full life. I’ve summarized his speech for you here, but I encourage you…
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