Discover Where Feeling Deprived Is Keeping You Overweight

Recently, I was tapping with one of my clients using EFT. This was the sixth session in a  group series on weight loss. For privacy, I will refer to her as Nancy. There was another woman in her group that tapped with us for 4 sessions, who I will call Mary. There were suggested themes for […]

Clear the Toxic and Negative Energy You Receive From Others #tappybreak

  Have you ever walked into a room, and felt like you walked into a wall?  The energy is so heavy or thick, and you can feel the negativity.  Many people feel this in their work environment.  Others live in a home that has constant nagging, complaining and negativity.  In this tapping session, you will […]

A Personal Lesson in Force Versus Allowing and Surrender

I set the intention years ago to be present in love and to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. That’s no tall order when you have a disabling disease that keeps you crippled in pain from head to toe as well as fatigued all of the time. That was the wake up call I […]

An Interview on How I Became a Support for Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Seekers

This is a replay of the live broadcast where ArtJones interviewed me on my life story and how I got to be such a support system for entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers. Listen To The Audio Version Follow Me On Blab Group Mentoring and Mastermind What Is #TappyBreak and Why Tap? Powered by the Simple Live Press