The Role Between the Unconscious and Intuition

unconscious in intuition

I spent years working with my conscious mind. I became aware of my thoughts and consciously chose to change the verbiage to reflect what I wanted to be thinking; yet the truth is that there was another mind at play.

The unconscious mind has  way more information. Yet, you are not aware of the depth of wisdom and truth that reside there. Your young experiences, impressions, thoughts and beliefs become deeply ingrained and real. Also, you carry the imprint of previous lifetimes as well as family lineage energy.

What I have discovered is that when you can safely access the unconscious mind, you are introduced to a wealth of information that can change your life. The more aligned your conscious and unconscious minds are, the more freedom, success, and joy you can experience.

The unconscious mind is simply power without direction and can be far more powerful than you think. What you feel deeply or say with feeling is impressed upon the unconscious and carried out in detail often without your awareness.

Have you ever wondered why you think one thing yet say or do another? There is not congruence between the minds.

Begin to give direction to your unconscious mind and power up your mind of awareness – your conscious mind.

Yet there is still yet another mind – your super conscious mind. This mind is sourced by an all-knowing expansive consciousness of love and light. It knows what is true and best for you. It wants only to serve your highest good.

That’s why its so important to release the doubt and fears that are buried in your unconscious and impress upon it the perfect ideas of the super conscious mind to reach total harmony with aligning all your minds.

Another discussion that went beyond the scope of topic and back to center took place in this @blab. My co-host, Mike Lehr and I agreed on many points.  We both use our own intuition coupled with drawing out of or our clients information from their unconscious space to help create positive change. He also discussed the collective unconscious and how that relates to intuition.  We both believe that your emotions are huge well springs of information.

Dave Moore, a favorite guest and colleague joined the conversation. As always, he had great insight and views to share on the subject.  Dave has experience with helping people move beyond their conscious and unconscious fears to allow a greater presence to fuel their desire to walk across fire.  He tells all in this video.  Dave also shares how he often knew how to take his company in new directions when there was no seemingly “valid” reason to do so.

I met Frank Clark today when he joined one of the vacant seats in the blab.  He brought a very different perspective to the topic. He knows first hand how to allow intuition to guide him to success when the funds and experience are low.

It’s long conversation, but well worth the listen. Let me know what you think, feel, or intuit in the comments below. Mike and I host an ongoing discussion on intuition each week on blab.  Follow us @  and

If you are interested in exploring the depths of your intuition, join me for an INTUITION IMMERSION RETREAT.

The 4 C’s of Intuition

4 C's of Intuition

Intuition is a powerful voice, yet you may surprised by the way it grabs your attention  It is not usually loud, obvious and bold.  Rather it can be quite subtle. You may not be aware of its presence and guidance and the amazing support it offers you.

Perhaps you can relate to a gut feeling that you’ve ignored and then realize “If I had only listened to my gut, I would have avoided this.” Conversely you may say things like “I have no idea why I canceled my flight, “ and then find out there were problems with it, and so glad that you did.

There are 4 C’s of intuition that will get you started in understanding your pathway to guidance.


When you see pictures in your mind’s eye, you are receiving clairvoyantly.

In my early days of relationship coaching, I often would see pictures as I scanned the chakras of my clients before we began to tap using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.)  They rarely made sense to me, yet when I shared my pictures with my clients, it was very symbolic for them and often opened the door to some profound healing.

I would also see pictures when talking with my clients, and again when I shared it with them it often made sense and helped guide or direct them.

With several clients who had diligently worked on creating a healthy vision of love and had done the inner work required of them, I began to see people standing behind them who were ready to embrace a new love, and sure enough within weeks, someone new came into their life.


Clairaudient receptivity is hearing, not usually out loud but in your head. Sometimes it is just a sound or a word, and other times conversation flows.  It is positive and affirming.  It is different from the ego mind and thoughts you are thinking.

Where a clairvoyant person will see a bear, a clairaudient individual will hear the word, “bear.”

I primarily relied on clairvoyant information and became frustrated if I did not see a picture or the answer.  In my Shaman training I was encouraged to use all channels of intuition, and soon I developed the capacity to hear what spirit was communicating to me both in my healing practice and in my personal life.


Another strong channel that I have is clairsentience, although I was not aware of this for years. This is a kinesthetic pathway where you experience intuition by feeling emotions, physical sensations, and strong aromas.  You also sense that something or someone is there.

This can be very overwhelming when you do not know that this is a form of intuition.  You think that you are experiencing something when in fact it may be information you have picked up from someone else.

If you are an empath, this is a primary intuitive communication channel.  Many of my clients struggle with this.  I am seeing more teenagers and children who are moody, withdrawn, or anxious because they are literally taking on their one or both parents’ emotions, worry, and pain.  They are also huge sponges when in crowds; so being in classrooms, the mall, and extracurricular activities is overwhelming them.

Fortunately, as I work with these sensitive souls, they learn to recognize this and differentiate their own feelings from others.  As they develop a regular grounding and light practice, it also lessens the impact. The energy clearing that I do also helps tremendously.

When I do any group work, I begin by clearing and grounding everyone’s energy and wrapping each one in light because if I did not do this, people in the group would experience and feel each other’s pain and not receive what they needed.

This is my secondary intuitive channel after clairvoyance.  Although growing up, this pathway was lit up.  I took on my father’s pain, anger, sadness, guilt, as well as the physical pain of my brother, mother, stepmother and others who my father beat when he was drunk. Many of my adult clients have suffered with this.  It is huge contributor in my opinion to chronic illness and pain. It takes a bit of unraveling and is not cleared up overnight, yet the good news is that it is possible to move beyond this.

When we let it go and allow others to have their own experiences it opens the door for them to take responsibility for themselves and find what they need.  It also allows you to pay attention to your own needs, healing, and growth.



The final channel speaks to you through inspiration or flashes of insight that seem to come out of nowhere.  You have a strong sense of knowing something.  These are different from thoughts.  This type of intuitive speak is claircognizance.  It is also different than hearing in a clairaudient way.

The other day I was on the rowing machine.  I usually use this time to focus on breathing and form, so it’s a meditation for me.  During it, I suddenly had the idea to do a meditation for peace.  It was clear, directive and inspired.  When I finished rowing, I created a graphic, posted it on social media and even did a video meditation. I had not been thinking about doing this, yet I had set and intention to begin doing meditations through periscope in a couple of weeks. I had been making list of ideas using logic but none of them were grabbing my attention or inspiring me to begin.  That’s an example of this type of intuition.

Often while reading I feel a strong sense of knowing or remembering that I have since come to understand is this intuitive pathway at work.


Identify Your Primary Intuitive Channel

Here are a couple of simple exercises that you can do to identify your first choice to intuitive information if you are not sure.

Imagine a room of your home and imagine your first impression.  Was it an image, sound, feeling or thought?

Try this.  Imagine yourself on a tropical island where you are very happy and have all that you need.  Do you see the blue oceans and powdery sand? Do you smell the salty sea, hear the lap of the ocean waves, or feel the warm sun on your skin? Do you feel relaxed, excited.  Do you see yourself doing an activity?  Does a flash of thought come through your mind?  Do you hear the name of a tropical place?

In both of these exercises, what was your first impression? This is a clue to your natural channel to receiving messages from spirit – your intuition at play.

Find Your Yes and Your Confidence in Trusting Intuitive Guidance

In the replay of the live broadcast with Mike Lehr, Official Dave Moore, Jeremy Murphy, ArtJones and Cheri you will be lead through an exercise to help you tune into a clear “yes” that will help you begin to develop the confidence and trust necessary to follow the guidance that intuition offers you.

Then the discussion opens up.  So many perspectives and questions. I loved the interest and interaction.  If you are interested in exploring intuition on many levels, you will love the conversation in the second hour.  You may also enjoy participating in and Intuition Immersion Retreat.

I would love to read your comments and reactions to this post and video in the comments below!  Much love and many blessings to you!

Tap Away the Challenge of Meditation

I Can't Meditate

Meditation has many benefits. Yet many are reluctant to begin a mediation practice or stick with one. are just some of the excuses:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t know which one to do.
  • I don’t know how to do it right.
  • My mind just does not shut down.



Establishing a meditation practice does not have to be difficult or time consuming.   I begin each day grounding my energy, setting my intention and offering gratitude. If you prefer guided meditations, then this a great way to start.  There are 3 meditations that are 7 minutes or less and are my free gift to you.  I am always adding meditations for purchase to my website also.

Explore and find the way that best helps you to quiet your mind, ground your energy and connect to the divine.  Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, just choose a time, space, and meditation that you can commit to doing every day.  Once it becomes a habit, you will find that you miss this precious gift. If you do miss a day, don’t fret about it.  Just begin again.  Life is a journey.  Let yourself flow with it.  The point of meditation is not about getting somewhere, it’s to be present and connected with your inner wisdom and guidance.

In this replay of the live broadcast with Elaine Nieberding, Official Dave Moore, The Branding Cupid,  and Cheri, in the first 20 minutes we tap on the frustrations and challenges of meditation. Then there is a great discussion around meditation and different ways to meditate.

I would love to hear your reactions, thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.  Join me every week for Tappy Break and #blabs on other subjects. Click here to follow me on blab, and see what I have scheduled and all the available replays. 

Stop Feeling Stuck in Life! #Blab Break Through to AWESOME Success

break through to success

What keeps you stuck in your rut?  Where do you fail to see your greatness?  Are you surrounded by positivity, inspiration, and motivation?

If not, then set the intention now to create a circle of support.  It is key to break through to awesome success!

Fortunately there are several options for you right now!

  • Every week, Cynthia Bazin and I co-host a #blab where we give you absolute support, tips, resources and create community.  People come and share their own success stories.  They share the struggles and the triumphs.  Someone will surely inspire you.
  • Cynthia Bazin offers you a group mentoring program that offers you laser focus, and daily inspiration, motivation and support!
  • Cheri hosts a weekly #tappybreak – quick and easy way to get unstuck, gain clarity, get motivated and move into action!
  • For personal support, click here for a private conversation with Cheri to create and ideal support package for you.

In this replay of the live broadcast there are several amazing folks to get inspired by, learn from, follow, and be supported in positivity!  Joeygiggles shares his triumphant story how he did not let chronic and debilitating pain keep him stuck.  As someone who was bedridden and confined myself for several years with chronic pain and fatigue, I especially love Joey’s work in helping others to find the gift and success in their own pain.

Walter Pedersen , Kenn Dixon, Official Dave Moore, AnthonyAce, Joeygiggles, and Nicole Levac all joined the conversation with Cynthia Bazin and me!

I’d love to read your comments on how you broke through to your own success, or what you heard that will help you in the comment section below.  Thanks.  Join Cynthia and me every week on#blab for motivational tips on getting unstuck.  Join me on one of my daily #blabs.