Power, Strength, Royalty, Feminine and Love

In mediation class last night, we ended with looking at creative rings in our energy fields for next steps and the integration of the creative rings which represent our body, mind, and spirit – Thank you Seven Levels Coaching.

I was intrigued with what I saw – a dark shadow of a man in a cowboy hat leaning on his side and tipping his greeting towards me – “Interesting, and WHAT?”  were my  reactions.  I stayed with it.  Then I saw the majestic beautiful elephant which I have been so drawn to in the past months, especially since reading “Water for Elephants.”  The intelligence and especially the emotional intelligence of this beautiful animal just spoke to my heart in a way it never has.

In my mediation vision, the elephant appeared raising it trunk and placing a foot on the dark figure of the man.  “Okay, now this is intriguing and WHAT?”  I questioned again.  I have learned to sit with my visions, ask my questions, and trust the answer and message will unfold if I it does instantly makes sense or reveal itself to me.

I immediately googled, “Elephant Symbolism” and settled on the post I will share with you.  I just read it, and so many answers are clear to me.  I will do my best to briefly describe my own connection and awareness of what seeing the elephant and dark shadow of man were revealing to me when I asked, “What is the integration of the body, mind, and spirit creative rings expressing?”

First, confirmation of the personal and professional journey in which I travel.  My path has been one of connection with true highest self and highest power.  This has included:

1.  My own healing from complete disability from Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia (which continues)

2.  Attracting the partner in life who is perfect for me in a way that I consciously spent creating and cultivating after 2 divorces.

3.  Reviving my relationships with my children, and family members and truly being a loving energy that is mutually supportive and serving.

4. Holding the space and connection for my extended families and core family.

6.  Offering my experience and wisdom to those who are ready to invite love into their lives in all the glorious ways that it exists, and especially to share enjoy their life with their idea of a soul mate, while also enjoying empowering relationships in other areas of their life, and to find and stay in their own power.

7.  Making a difference in the lives of children by teaching them what powerful creators they are, and helping their parents create the foundation for modeling healthy, loving relationships.

What all this has in common is me – knowing and understand me – what is important to me, what is my purpose and my passions, what makes me tick, who am I am here to serve, and what messages am I to share.  What is right for me, so that I can be centered and fly at the same time and live my highest truth and allow others to do the same.  I wanted to make sense of my life so that I could allow it to unfold more purposefully, powerfully, passionately and to manifest what I desire.  I love to teach, to speak to collaborate to share, to bring people together in love.

When I am strong in ME it makes for a powerful WE!  This is true for everyone!  We are connected and one.  When we stand firm in our individuality

we offer more to the collective

partnerships complement

relationships thrive

What I understand in the image I saw and in reading the following article,  is that I am on the right path, and I am also reminded where I still have work to do.

In another post, I will share with you more of my personal growth and areas where I have been working in the energies of the feminine and masculine – a favorite topic of mine.

I hope that you enjoy the following article as well as my post, and that if either resonates with you in any way, you will share that with me, on facebook, or with your friends – together we reach higher.


With love,

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Relationship Affirmations and Choices

Holiday Humbug or Holiday Hooray – You Choose!

As we approach the holidays, some of you may have a tingle of excitement as you anticipate the hustle and bustle of the season, looking forward to seeing family and friends to celebrate. For many however, this can be a very challenging time.  Anxiety, dread and worry, are more the norm for so many.

The overinflated emphasis on gifts becomes a chore and takes away from the pleasure of the connection, love, and appreciation for many people. For some, there are so many things to do in addition to the already overloaded responsibilities.  And for many more, the stress of facing another holiday alone feels unbearable.

Doesn’t sound too Happy or Merry, does it?  Yet I know from experience having been on both ends of the spectrum that you can create holiday bliss while honoring what you want and need during this time. You don’t have to straddle the tight rope between sacrifice, obligation, and strain and total seclusion or intense loneliness.

I have one client who has spent almost every year of her life at family gatherings that left her lifeless because she absolutely did not want to attend.  She felt so out of place and hated being the only single adult no husbands or children. Yet she went year after year traveling to be there because it meant so much to her mother.

I have a friend who compared having to choose Christmases between her mother or with her mother-in-law preferable to choosing between having a knife in the eye, or an ax to her head.

Another client cried at the thought of his first Christmas morning in 30 years without waking up to the chaos of his children and grandchildren as a result of his recent divorce.  Another young woman is devastated at thinking about having to deposit her two children off with their dad at noon for the second year.  Last year she just went home and sat in her dark house after leaving them.

Okay, you get the picture and some of you may have no idea of what I am talking about while others will relate too much.

So what is one to do when faced with options that are so unappealing and seem like you have no choice?

First all of understand that you DO have a choice.  So you may not necessarily love the situation and feel like you don’t have a choice in it, you do have a choice in how you view it, how you react to it, how you think about it.  This one fact alone offers you such freedom.

That’s just one of the secrets and how to make it work for you that I share in this FREE audio.


I sure hope it will help you enjoy a happy holiday regardless of your relationship status!!


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