Align With Your Soul

Whatever the vision is for you, honor it.

Whatever the vision is for you, honor it.

Get Clear on what you want. The truth is you get what you want, whether you are aware of it or not, so be clear and aware – CLARITY SPEAKS.

For me clarity comes in the form of alignment – Grow Your Business and Your Life in Harmony With Your Soul.  Translate to this: LIVE, LOVE, WORK & PLAY  by your CHOISE not CONDITIONING. 

Yes, it is a choice. Always. So choose with clarity and soul alignment, a life you create, live and love (including a business, a job, being a stay at home mom or whatever it is YOU WANT.)

Whatever the vision is for you, honor it. Give yourself permission to let it become real. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. 

Only YOU can choose, permit, allow and enjoy what you want into reality.

Wouldn’t you rather love your reality than love a dream? First you must love the dream – then it becomes reality with alignment, nurturing, flow, and action.

It is not up to anyone else, but you!

I know. I have lived, loved and worked on both sides of permission, blocks, and misalignment. NO CONTEST WHICH ONE IS BETTER! I have created a life, relationships and a business that I live and love every day – thanks to my partnership with spirit.  When I tuned into my soul’s truth, and lived from there, my world expanded into an even more loving and joyful place. 

I would love to work with you to reveal what is deep within you – your soul.  It’s been hidden, covered and ignored for so long and it’s time to remove the layers of conditioning, limits, fear, doubt, family programming, generational cords, past life trauma to reveal the brilliance of your truth and live in that freedom! 

That’s what I do best – work WITH you to create your vision and be aligned with its possibility, then its reality, to be in alignment at your soul level.

It’s all about freedom – freedom in choosing how you live, love, work and play. – freedom from emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and perceived limitations. That’s why we are here!  To expand into our fullest soul expression! 

I am here to support you!

Stella and Cheri“Cheri Valentine is a one-woman life support system for entrepreneurs.  [read more]
~ Stella Orange,


Such a positive experience!
“Meeting Cheri and going through her programs has been such a wonderful blessing.” [read more]
~ Jill Perry, Wareham, MA

If you are feeling called to expand, express and enjoy more, then let’s talk. Click here for an initial consultation to learn how I can support you in achieving your goals and your dreams in harmony with your soul.

Paulette and Cheri-400 It was such a turning point in my life to realize that I DID have a say, and her way of gently nudging you into thinking of things from a whole different perspective is key to self-realization.”  [read more]
~ Paulette, LaPlume, Andover, MA