How To Get Over the Discomfort of Self Promotion


You are a business owner. You provide products and services that light the world on fire in a very positive, empowering and healing way. You help leaders, healers, children, writers, teachers, parent and/or _______(fill in the blank for you)  step up their game, shine their light, and contribute their unique gifts to help others.

So why don’t we know about you?  If what you offer is the best kept secret, what’s the point? I know, I know. You’ve been taught it’s impolite to brag. You don’t want to appear narcissistic. It’s rude to draw attention to yourself and blah, blah, blah.

Don’t you think it’s time to ditch those outdated and imposed beliefs? Where did you learn them anyway AND how’s that working for you?

I get it. No one enjoys being around obnoxious braggarts who are full of themselves. Yet, what if there was another way to promote yourself that was not so discomforting? What if you could express your gifts in a way that was inviting to others who really need what you offer?

THERE IS, and if you are willing to release the limits and beliefs that have stopped you from singing your praises in an authentic and inviting way, then join me for #TappyBreak.

You will identify the source of your discomfort of self promotion and heal it. Then you will embrace another perspective that allows you to freely express who you are and what you help people do.

#TappyBreak was created to addresses the challenges of being an entrepreneur, unleash your inner leader, blast through the blocks that keep you from trusting your inner knowing and moving forward with grace and ease.

Every week Cheri leads you through a quick 15 minute tapping session addressing such issues as procrastination, writing blocks, overwhelm, control, speaking phobia, family loyalty, money blocks, and many other challenging areas that may be keeping you from having the success, happiness, or results that you desire.  You have a voice, a mission and a passion.  Don’t let unconscious and limiting stories keep you from sharing it fully and receiving all the abundance that comes with it.

By combining a light tapping on acupressure points while talking, you can move past the emotional and unconscious blocks that are creating your current results. When you tap on an issue often the underlying or unconscious triggers will surface so that you can acknowledge, express and release the charge or the power it has so that you can move into expansion and grow that huge vision you are holding for yourself and the world.

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The Collaborative Energy of Effective Leadership

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Why is leadership important? Someone has to lead the way, set the tone, provide the focus, have the vision, communicate the vision, and gather the right team to bring the vision, intentions, and goals to life and manifestation.

Leadership to me is collaborative.

Yet, I often thought of a leader as the one at the top who shone like a lonely star in the dark night sky.  I thought leaders existed in kingdoms or corporations. It was obvious who the leaders were and that wasn’t me. For some reason, I never saw myself as a leader and yet when I reflect on the many layers and experiences of my life, I’ve been leading since my first marriage, actually since high school and probably even before then.

We are all leaders in our own way. So let’s explore the different areas of leadership.

On the personal side, someone leads a household. Either one or both parents set the tone, the rules, and the expectations. They model how leadership is done for their children, yet not all are good or even great leaders. Some lead with tyranny or an iron fist, controlling and stifling creativity and thought leadership in their children.

However, the parents who grow effective and creative leaders run their homes with love and compassion providing safe and predictable boundaries. They communicate clear expectations, and allow their children the freedom to explore, create, make mistakes, evaluate and change course. They provide a strong foundation, rudder and support. Parents who ask open-ended questions and listen with patience and not criticism teach their children how to discover their own answers and greatness. These children then become successful leaders in their respective endeavors

Coaches and teaches are leaders. They are responsible for specific outcomes and their style of running their teams and classes very much affect the results that students have.

Managers and supervisors are leaders, whether in retail, small business or corporate America. Storeowners are leaders. Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are most definitely leaders and if they haven’t figured that out yet, it’s time to start!

The challenge is that not everyone sees their inner leader, nurtures it or takes responsibility for it. Leaders are not just the ones at the top. Everyone is a leader in some capacity.

So what kind of leader are you?

  • Do you find the balance between setting the course with a solid foundation and allowing the contribution from everyone involved?
  • Do you micromanage and control every aspect of what you are leading or do you encourage and allow everyone involved take responsibility and ownership for their contribution?
  • Do you trust that you’ve gathered a cohesive team who connects to a common vision and each separate contribution creates the collective whole?
  • Are you open to growth, change, expansion, and learning?
  • Do you instill resentment, apathy, and indifference by your attitude and actions as a leader or do you hold space for your vision and your team to grow and perform in a positive and supportive environment?

When I look at my own experiences, the places where I have excelled an contributed and produced my best is when led by someone who saw my potential, gave me space to run with my ideas and encouraged me to do so, who treated me with respect and expressed gratitude.

Whether teachers, employers, or colleagues I excelled and performed with dedication, creativity and commitment to those who led with the collaborative spirit of creative leadership.

So where in your life do you lead? You may feel you have to control every aspect of your business, project, team or family. This is not leadership. This is tyranny. It does not foster or encourage creative success. You may need to undo some outdated beliefs you incurred in your life from bad leadership whether from parents, teachers, coaches, or employers. Unconsciously you may be storing experiences, emotions, and memories that feed mistrust or control issues. You may expect that people will disappoint you, that you have to do it yourself for it to get done “right” and you believe there is only one right way. Would you benefit from support or guidance in learning how to lead more creatively?

In a prior post, I described qualities of creative and successful leaders. I also created a video to help unleash your hidden leader. My colleague, Robb Braun, a Success Strategist, wrote a great post on the responsibility of leadership. Kathy Garland, who inspires visionary leaders, described 3 qualities to strengthen the leader in you. Sharon Jenkins also posted this informative piece on emerging leadership.

If how you are leading is working for you, carry on If not, we should talk.

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