Embrace Your Soul Journey

Embrace your soul journey

Dearest One,

Send love to the vision you hold. Know you are capable of anything you believe.

Breathe in love. Release fear. Breathe in joy. Release doubt.

Release the stagnant energy that tells you, “you can’t”

Thank the voice that says, “You are not enough, have failed, should not want it, and cannot have it.” Send that little voice love, then connect to your soul’s desire, and embrace the truth and light of who you really are and why you are here. Let that truth quiet the voice of criticism.

You are here to love and be loved. Love knows no bounds. Love inspires, motivates, cheers you on – sees you at your best. It encourages you. You are here to shine in the light of spirit, joy, success, prosperity and love.

Surround yourself in a positive collective energy of support.

I am here to support you.

I have created a life, relationships and a business that I live and love every day – thanks to my partnership with spirit. When I tuned into my soul’s truth, and lived from there, my world expanded into an even more loving and joyful place and it continues to do so, growing more beautiful and expansive each day.

When I look at the growth, joy, changes and peace that my clients experence as a result with working with me; and as I reflect on their path as well as my own, what I see is that we have all been evolving spiritually, opening to our divine selves and soul’s desires.

I’ve helped them navigate the wisdom of the chakras, cultivate the gift of intuition, open up and release through energy/chakra healing, soul journeys, tapping (EFT), creating visions that align with their truth and definition of success, and so much more. We’ve combined the head with the heart, integrated the logical with the creative, and opened to expressing the divine feminine in harmony with the divine masculine.

Their relationships have improved. They are enjoying their life. They are making changes in their professional lives to support their visions and truth. They feel peace and confidence and are happy.  I have watched my clients become whole and satisfied, while continuing to grow and explore the depths of their greatness on their own terms.  They are releasing the expectations and stories handed to them through generational DNA, childhood programming, and cultural and societal messaging.

We are preparing and paving the way for our sensitive, intuitive, creative and dynamic children to be fully in their soul’s power. We are accomplishing this through my own soul journey, and through through the soul journey of my clients.  It trickles down.  As adults, parents, aunts and uncles, caregivers we model and hold space for the children in an accepting, healing and loving capacity.

I am blessed to work with children and teenagers brought to me initially by their parents, and who wanted to keep working with me.   My heart bursts with joy that my clients trust me with their most precious treasures, their children.

I would love to work with you to reveal what is deep within you – your soul.  It’s been hidden, covered and ignored for so long and it’s time to remove the layers of conditioning, limits, fear, doubt, family programming, generational cords, past life trauma to reveal the brilliance of your truth and live in harmony with your soul’s desires.

That’s what I do best – work WITH you to create your vision and be aligned with its possibility, then its reality, to be in alignment between your head, heart, body, and spirit and in harmony with your soul.

Look at an area of your life that is not working for you, that is not what or where you want tit to be, or does not bring you joy.  Make the decision that now is the time to change it.  Join me to HEAL, EVOLVE, AWAKEN, RELEASE, AND TRANSCEND to YOUR HAPPY PLACE! 

Decide that this is the year that your relationships, health, work, and life are all vibrating at SUCCESS, PROSPERITY and JOY.

If you are ready to embark on your soul journey to success, happiness and prosperity, then click here to get started with a conversation with me.

Let’s Do This Together!

Stella and Cheri“Cheri Valentine is a one-woman life support system for entrepreneurs.  [read more]
~ Stella Orange, StellaOrange.com

Such a positive experience!
“Meeting Cheri and going through her programs has been such a wonderful blessing.” [read more]
~ Jill Perry, Wareham, MA

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Paulette and Cheri-400 It was such a turning point in my life to realize that I DID have a say, and her way of gently nudging you into thinking of things from a whole different perspective is key to self-realization.”  [read more]
~ Paulette, LaPlume, Andover, MA

Andrea Hood“If you’re looking to up your game both personally and professionally, you need Cheri in your life! Here’s the thing – we all have strengths and we all have blocks that weaken us (and in turn weaken our business!). Cheri helped me improve my strengths and get rid of those blocks, allowing me to fully step into my power. I have gained so much clarity in my life since I started working with Cheri a year ago – and my business has grown leaps and bounds thanks to her guidance and soul-shifting work. I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t have her in my life!”
~ Andrea Hood – http://www.andreahood.com/