How To Love Your Numbers

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It is surprising to me how many solo entrepreneurs put blinders on when it comes to their financial reports. Cash flow projections, income statements, ROI tell the story of your profit or loss, and provide necessary information to help you manage cash flow, implement marketing strategies, and make investment decisions.

If your eyes just glazed over, or your mind went into overwhelm, then today’s #TappyBreak is a must for you.

“One of the pillars of entrepreneurial success is: know your numbers.” ~ Ande Lyons

Get rid of your money shame, fear and ignorance. If you want to be in the black, you’ve got to know your numbers! It is actually rather empowering to know them. You can make informed decisions, set realistic goals, and have a more defined sense of purpose and priority with your schedule.

When you show your numbers some love, respect and attention you will watch your bottom line rise. It’s like any relationship, the more you cultivate it, the better it gets.

I will admit, I wasn’t very attentive to my numbers the first few years in business. Then I hired a bookkeeper. Even though I took this very necessary step, I did not embrace the opportunity as fully as I could have. Every month she would send me my reports and I would ignore them – not very loving at all.

On the months when she would meet with me to go over the reports, business improved. So now I have a monthly date with my reports.

My weekly date is with my cash flow projections spreadsheet. I get pretty motivated to pick up the phone when I know that my numbers for that month aren’t up to snuff.

Jessica Vienneau of Above The Barr is my rocking bookkeeper.

Ande Lyons of Possibility Partners created a customized 12 month cash flow statement for my business and will help you out too.

If you are still here reading, there’s hope for you. So join me for this episode of #TappyBreak to tap through the barriers you have to knowing, embracing and loving your numbers.

How To Love Networking

networkingSome people are born networkers. You watch them move easily around a crowd, sharing information, connecting people, and seem like they actually enjoy it. While others dread the word.

Then there are those people who, as soon as you see them coming your way, you want to escape. You know the ones, the walk up to you, stick out their business card, tell you who they are and what they do, and not once even feign interest in you.

Networking is a way to meet potential clients, resource referrals, collaborators, and service providers who can help you. Networking is not about walking away with a sale.

However, it is uncomfortable for many people to attend events or even understand why they should attend them. Then there is the issue of finding the right networking venues for you. There are monthly meetings, weekly obligatory networking groups, conferences, training, social media, to name a few. These are planned events for the purpose of “networking.”

But in reality every day you are networking.

I have found that the way you view and you approach networking and the mindset you have about it makes all the difference.

So in this episode of #TappyBreak, we will tap on the negative aspects and mindsets that you have around networking. We will tap on reframing a more positive, open, holistic and successful approach to networking.

In the end you will lose the stress and anxiety around networking and feel more confident and inspired going to your next event.

Be warned, you may even start to enjoy networking!


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