How To Stay Motivated When You Want to Give Up

VideoPlaceholder when is it my turnYou have put so much time, effort, energy, and money into building your business or reaching a particular goal. It hasn’t happened yet, and you are frustrated, disappointed, resentful, sad, angry, and STILL HOPEFUL. You are NOT READY TO GIVE UP.  BUT It’s been long enough. You see everyone around you succeeding, reaching goals, making money, doing live events – fill in your own blank here _____

Enough already! WHEN IS IT YOUR TURN?

All the positive thinking, speaking, and writing is only going to get you so far if underlying is a plethora of negative, mixed and unexpressed emotions going on. The truth is, you are feeling frustrated, disappointed, resentful, sad and angry so take a break, tap on the endpoints of your meridian system and voice those thoughts! Yes, acknowledge them once and for all and then MOVE ON with ease and grace to manifesting your intentions and goals.

Join me for  this #TappyBreak to clear the energy you are holding from not reaching your goals YET, and create the space for it to happen.

Shift Your Critical Voice From Critical to Inspirational

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How To Move From Disappointment to Confidence

CRITICAL VOICEToday I will move up to your second chakra. The sacral chakra’s focal points are your emotions, sexuality, creativity, pleasure, well-being, relationships and abundance. It represents your ability to go with the flow, be in grace and acceptance while allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements. However, you may find it difficult to recognize and celebrate what you have accomplished because of the negative voice that reminds of where you are falling short or failing.

One of the most important relationships you have is the one with yourself. Many people beginning in childhood have influenced this relationship. You have created beliefs; vows and a perception of who you are that can be quite critical.

What is your relationship with you? When you think thoughts about your goals, your business, and your value, are they kind words of encouragement or critical words that undermine your efforts and keep you stuck from finishing projects or even starting them.

Do you have a book inside of you waiting for your fingers to flow across the screen to bring it to completion?   Do you find yourself thinking or saying the following?

“I am not a good writer.”

“Who am I to write this book – the topic has already been covered.”

“I don’t have the time to write a book.”

Are you excited about a class you want to teach but won’t even put it on your calendar? What thoughts are stopping you?

Do you spend time each week in business building activities that generate revenue or get lost in the minutia of things that don’t really matter? What is your critical voice telling you?

I named my critical voice “Negative Nellie” years ago. Perhaps you have a name for your voice that criticizes, judges, and berates you. It’s not important to name this voice. What matters is being aware of it, acknowledging its message, and breaking the habitual cycle of its hurtful chatter.

Often this voice is such a constant companion, and one that you have had for so long it feels true to you. If you are ready to shift this voice from critical to inspirational, join me for #TappyBreak in this video.

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